Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - sweep me off my feet singing, ain't this life so sweet?

1. Me, every night this week as we approach 5 pm darkness. This is of course also Bruce after he learned that he's not getting Healthy Chews this week. I don't do rawhides for my dogs, but these are a little different. You can learn more here if you are a person like me who does insane research on all dog things.

2. I am very disappointed in a few of the Pacifica polishes I bought after I got two that were total MVPs: no chipping, last forever. The next ones I got, all they do is chip. They lasted about four days with no chip. Five days some chippage. I don't like it. Polished nails are part of my I've Got My Shit Together armor.

3. Where are hotel industry people? Have any of you used Email me:

4. Our road was milled and repaved a few weeks ago and everyone is bitching because the seaming is off in the middle and they're all WINTER IS COMING and if I had disposable income I'd freak them out even more and buy big ass winter tonka truck snowcats you would never see in this area ( and park them out front with signs that say the end is near.

5. And if the actions of our government are any indication, the end is indeed near. Republican representatives have lost their damn minds. Picking this hill to die on - trying to tell people an impeachment inquiry is illegal when it's outlined IN THE CONSTITUTION they all pretend to hump - is mind blowing. And dangerous. For us. Lawlessness on behalf of the government is dangerous for its citizens. The Constitution exists to protect us. If they blatantly defy it and gaslight people into believing they are right to do so, we are all vulnerable to being infringed on in any way they please. Where are the patriots? At another time in this country, they'd be calling for his resignation regardless of party. Democrats, get some balls and detain people like you'd detain normal citizens who interrupt closed door meetings. No one is above the law. Remove their security clearance and confiscate their phones. If you are unclear about how the impeachment process works, this is a simple, good explanation from Heather Cox Richardson, a political historian and professor at BC.

6. Things that make me feel old: when technology is not immediately apparent to me. Jana and I were discussing this about Venmo this week and I felt it last week researching bitcoins (via Virgo CX). Also...neck wrinklage. And when I walk stiffly after I've been sitting for a while.

7. Not knocking Taylor but this made me laugh. Stevie Nicks is a total badass.

8. Happy official fourth closing day to the shore house. You've made my whole life.

9. Reminder:Sign it.

10. Ecards. Look, it's marriage. 

Do you have any Thursday Thoughts running around your head? 
What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is This Year's Love by David Gray

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