Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Things I've been enjoying recently

Evil Queen Candles. I am a candle snoot, and I rage over candles that don't have good "throw" - i.e. I don't want the scent to be faint. I like the philosophy of Evil Queen Candles, as well as their packaging, the way they burn, the fact that they're female owned, non-toxic, etc etc and all that jazz - but I most like the scents they give off and how that scent fills the room. They are about what I expect to pay for a candle that is awesome. If I pay $7 for a candle I usually get $7 of piddly scent and I end up throwing it out before it's done. Those links are referral links - if you buy through them, I get reward points and you get 15% off. I'm impatiently waiting for my winter scents order to arrive.

Swan Creek Candles - A few dollars cheaper (a literal few - $3) but the scents definitely fill a room. Non of the non-toxicity here either. I bought this one in person because I smelled it burning in the shop and needed to have it. I never buy vanilla anything so if that's off putting to you, don't let it be. Check these out if you come across them. I didn't know they existed before this month.

Coffee. It's fair to say coffee would make this list on any given day in any month and year. My office got some coffee in from and I've quite enjoyed it, this is my first time trying it. I brew it hot and put it in the freezer for a while. It's the perfect dilution for an afternoon cuppa. I am also making iced coffee in a new way at home, so I have to write a post on that and update my recipes section.

Moving fantasies. It's no secret my goal is to move to the shore full-time and I think about it in some way every day for a lot of the day. I've even looked at moving sites like from a previous post even though they don't operate in the area I'm going to. Tomorrow is the four year anniversary of buying the shore house. What I've wanted from it has changed every year. I went back and read the posts I've written - that first one I linked above, and year one, year two. Year three, nary a everything else two weeks away from Election Day 2018, the shore house anniversary fell victim to MFD's state rep campaign. I'm not writing a dedicated post this year - my head and heart already live there and sometimes I am surprised to look around on a Wednesday night and find myself in Philadelphia instead of there. Soon. Soon.

Red wine - I am not a big drinker period - I might have a drink or two a month most months - and I don't typically even mention alcohol because I am married to an alcoholic and I don't want to contribute to the glorification of the very weird booze culture this country is obsessed with (need wine you don't, girlfriend), but I do like a glass of red wine here and there in the fall. I found myself reading best red wine facts and had to laugh at "there's something about red wine that makes you feel so classy and refined AF, even if you're relaxing in your favorite comfy PJs with a glass of Pinot Noir and a tube of potato chips."

Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum (affiliate link) - In case you're new here, this is the real MVP of my face. And it's less than $20. I started using it twice a day in April 2018 and in between bottles have tried others and there's no going elsewhere, people. Trust me. I've decided that every time I re-order, I will re-share, in case you missed it one of the other times I've mentioned it.

Seeing more people post about voting on social media. YES, queens. And kings. Vote, and TALK ABOUT VOTING. Voting and talking about voting should be the norm instead of 30% turnout of voters being considered good. Disinterest and disenfranchisement don't help any of us. They've gotten us the shitshow we have right now.

I am going to count this as October's recommendations post because this is my blog and I can.

What are you enjoying recently?

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