Monday, October 28, 2019

TWTW - the last one in October

Friday I was in Philly on a Friday for the first time in a while so I hit the new Trader Joe's near my office and took a little walk. I loaded Gus and Mae in the car and got to the shore around 8:30 and situated myself on the couch like a sloth. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, you need the pancake thing I'm serious. I don't even like pancakes and I'm telling you this.

Saturday I slept in until 8:10 and it was fucking amazing. MFD and I did one of two official Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps we agree to when we adopt our beach, then sat on the porch for a little before he went fishing. I hit the library then took the dogs down there, then brought Gus and Mae home when they had enough (which for Mae is before she even gets there) and went back with Bruce and Ben. When I went back we saw a huge pod of dolphins go by which is always amazing. MFD left with Mae and Gus to go back to Philly to show houses and I rested and read before visiting my mother in law in North Wildwood and picked up a few groceries before heading home to take 50 more dog walks and finish my book.
Sunday I slept in again until 8, equally glorious as Saturday. We went down to the beach before packing up and leaving at 9:45. The ride home in the rain sucked like it did last Sunday. At home I did a face and hair mask, changed sheets, started a new book, did five loads of laundry, and phoned it in on weekly food prep. Some weeks you're into it and some you're not.

Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are greek yogurt and granola. Lunches are cheesey scrambled eggs to which Everything But the Bagel seasoning will be added with bell peppers on the side. Gala apples and pretzels as a snack. Dinners are I need to get rid of some vegetables pasta (spinach, baby bellas, grape tomatoes, garlic, onion, beefed up with canned chopped san marzanos and artichokes + parmesan cheese) and french dip which I'm making Thursday for Halloween. Boo.

Suddenly it's the last week of October. Tomorrow will be Christmas. 

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