Monday, September 30, 2019

TWTW - the one with the second summer

Friday I kicked it off with an hour walk, saw the sunrise, and took Bruce & Ben back on our beach for the first time since May. They couldn't run off-leash so they were not super pleased.
Work work work work work, a lunchtime stroll, nails (OPI Now Museum, Now You Don't and Essie Penny Talk), reading, and a long walk around town after work.
I also lost my fucking shit about a gas oven installation gone horribly awry, screamed at Best Buy, screamed at MFD, screamed at the universe. "Why did you have a nervous breakdown?" "A years long gas oven saga." Another new oven is slated to arrive on Friday. If this doesn't take I'll probably have to be taken away. ANYWAY THE SUNSET WAS NICE TOO. And I started a new book.
Saturday Sunrise, clean up, coffee, and headed back to Philly by 9:30. The weather was freaking glorious at the shore. Bruce and Ben were still not allowed off leash due to too many other dogs around so Bruce bit the leashes the whole time.
I made buffalo chicken dip, which always looks gross but tastes great, and iced coffee and wrapped my niece's gift, then headed to Lola Jean's fourth birthday party. I cannot believe she's going to be four this week. She is super smart and funny and I am so glad to know her. There was a freaking pony at the party and it was great. My sister in law always does a cute theme too. We were so heat exhausted I think we were sound asleep by 10.
Sunday My plan was a bunch of cooking that required my oven but we all know how that went. I also planned to fall-ify my house but forgot I got rid of most of my seasonal decor because I don't like putting it out. MFD did put the orange lights outside too. I did a full at home pedicure, enjoyed leisurely coffee, did shore/home/clothes laundry and weekly food prep before going to Mom's for dinner.
Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are PB&J english muffins and bananas. I also made breakfast burritos to freeze. Lunches are chicken breast with steamed veggies. Dinners are rigatoni with olive oil, zucchini, peppers, and mushrooms; and veggie quesadillas.

And all of the sudden, it was the last day of September.

Happy New Year to my jewish friends!.  

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