Monday, September 23, 2019

TWTW - the one with the bikes

Friday I worked from home for the oven repairman who never called or showed up and ran errands at lunch, marveled at Bender hoarding toys, and bitched at the city. Normal day. After work I transplanted two perennials so let’s hope that takes as well as lolling around with Gus. 

Friday night was Amanda's 40th birthday at Songbird in Collingswood. It was a great party with lots of laughs with framily and the fine karaoke stylings of AJ and Company. It’s the latest I’ve been out in a while and we stopped in at the neighbors’ through the backyard for a few minutes when we got home. I didn’t turn my light out until 1:30 am. 
Saturday I headed to the shore with los perros after doing some stuff around the house. MFD was at the Recovery Walk so he went from there. It was the MS City to Shore bike ride this weekend and the staff stays in our main house. My first order of business was a hotdog for lunch followed by some beach time and couch time. Kale salad and pizza for dinner. I was in bed reading by 10.
Sunday sunrise, the last official one of summer 2019. Thanks to my dogs for getting up at 5:35 ensuring I did not miss it.
After a scintillating five minutes of Dogs in Donut Hats and a lot of coffee, I headed out. 
I found great treasures, all of which I lost When i left since I forgot they were in a chair pocket, had more coffee, swam, and finished a book before heading back to clean the house, walk the dogs, pack the car, and shower. The MS people always leave us food, which is awesome. We took some to my mother in law, froze some, will use some this week, and shared some with the neighbors. 
Today is a year since my father in law passed so we took MFD’s mom to dinner at the Lobster House in Cape May. It was nice to be together. After we dropped her off, we drove back to Ocean City, packed up more shit, walked the dogs, and I took them home. MFD has his part of the shore chores and done trim painting to do Monday morning. 

Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are homemade waffles and bananas. Lunches are Aldi kale salad kits. Dinners were going to be million dollar ravioli casserole but since my oven wasn't fixed it'll be mac and cheese I brought home from the shore and salads. I know we're going out on Wednesday. 

The next few weekends I'll be splitting time in Philly and at the shore. It's nice to be close enough to do that. 

Happy fall! And happy birthday Bruce Springsteen the man and our friend Jenny. And happy Monday. HAPPY EVERYTHING, to everyone. 

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