Tuesday, September 3, 2019

TWTW - the Labor Dayer

Friday I was out and about with my mother in law in the morning. My company shut it down at noon but I worked until about 7:30 since I wasn't working in the morning and got two key projects done before my week "off." Before I started working I had lunch and took the dogs on a long walk, and after work we did another long walk to see the sunset. Nails: China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle. I love the color but the application is streaky and requires three coats. Do not love. 

Saturday Sunrise.
I sat on the porch for a while with the dogs, then went to the library and ran other errands in town on my bike. Debbie arrived around 2 and we hit the beach for a few hours before it got too cold. Debbie picked up fried chicken and sides from Boyar's and we made the long walk to Aunt Betty's for ice cream. MFD arrived with Gus and Mae around 10. 
Sunday Sunrise was a stunner. 
It was MFD & Debbie's birthday so I gave them their gifts. MFD went to a meeting and to fish and Debbie and I people watched on the porch then hit the beach. MFD joined us later before leaving to fish elsewhere. I took the birthday crew out to dinner at Mildred's in Strathmere. The staff sang to them and I wish I got it on video but alas I did not. I think we were all passed out by 10:30. 
Monday sunrise
Coffee and reading and people watching on the porch - finished a book and started another. Debbie left around noon and we went to the North End where I was unpleasantly surprised that my new umbrella sucked so I  had to retreat and sit under the bridge like a troll. We got home and rode bikes up to meet Amanda, Frank, and Eva on the boards for some pizza, candy, and strolling. I finally got my coveted caramel apple. Straightening up and preparing for Tuesday appointments and that's about that. 

We're staycationing here this week - a little house stuff, new weekend check in Friday, and some vacation stuff. Both of us have to work a little too but hoping less than more of that. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow? I don't know. I did this weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So who knows. Thursday Thoughts are definitely happening. 

How was your long weekend?

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