Tuesday, September 17, 2019

TWTW - the one with the fam

Thursday After work I took Bruce & Ben to Dog Beach where Bruce posed like the little model he is. We narrowly beat a massive storm home. I showered and read a book from start to finish. 

Friday I prepped veggies and dip and cleaned upstairs before taking Bruce and Ben to Dog Beach. We were involved in a puppy rescue when he slipped his leash. All was well but I had 99 heart attacks. My Dad and Carol arrived in the afternoon and Aubrey and my niece and nephew soon after. We walked to the playground where too many people were to sneak los perros in. Dinner was an assortment of stuff from Bennie’s and a pasta from Piccini that we ate family style. 
We hustled up to the boardwalk where they got ice cream as I collected my water to charge under the full moon. 

Saturday Dad got donuts for all, playground, relaxing with the dogs and playing in the driveway with Lola while the baby slept, and a nice afternoon at the beach. 
My brother arrived as we were getting showered and we hit the boards for Greek good from Opa, rides, pumpkin Kohr Bros, and a lovely moon. MFD arrived after 10 with Gus and Mae. 
Sunday  was a drizzly morning. Dad’s donut run was to Cathy’s for cream donuts. We headed to the beach around noon and had front row seats to the air show. It turned out to be a tremendous weather day. We headed right from the beach to rides and food...bathing suits and all. Aubrey and Stephen and the kids left, MFD went fishing, and I relaxed a little before watching the Eagles with Dad and Carol and making air fryer wings. Bed at midnight. 

Monday  I hung out with Dad and Carol on the porch and they cleaned up the top two floors of the house which was a huge help. MFD and i finished the rest, then took the dogs to Dog Beach where everyone went in the water. I was going to leave by 1 but the weather was too good. We went to a fishing beach and whiled away the afternoon there. It was glorious. MFD wasn’t ready to leave when I was so I walked home along the beach with daylight fading in the background. Now that’s my type of commute. Shower, dog walking, packing up, final touches upstairs for the MS event team coming in Friday, and sweet dreams by 10:30.

Weekly food prep: Welp as of right now nothing is prepared but tonight I'm making pork loin, wild rice, and broccoli, so...that'll be lunch and dinner for a few days. I'll probably do breakfast burritos from the freezer for breakfasts. 

I intended to post this yesterday but then was like eh still weekending. Happy birthday to Lauren from Saturday and Shelby from yesterday! 

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