Monday, September 9, 2019

TWTW - the one hot off of vacation

Thursday Was mostly reading and laying around and it was awesome. I very rarely do that. When MFD returned from fishing we took the dogs to Dog Beach, then used a gift card for dinner at Jon & Patty's, rode bikes on the boardwalk, got Kohr Bros and candy from Shriver's, and ended the night at the laundromat. 
Friday Dawned damp and cold, but we didn't get the rain we were expecting from Dorian. We made an attempt at Dog Beach that lasted five minutes due to blowing sand and filled the rest of the day with lounging, reading, nails and toes (OPI Made it to the Seventh Hill! on both), and snoozing before walking to the beach to see the angry surf. We cleaned up the main house for returning weekend guests coming in Saturday-Monday instead of Friday-Sunday and tried a new Mexican restaurant, El Guacamole, a block from us. 

Saturday MFD went over to see his mom and I cleaned up, did a final walk through of upstairs, made shower spray, did a little work work to prepare for back to work on Monday, and figured out what the hell I need to do at home this week before I come back here Tuesday night. I went to the beach from 12:30-5. MFD met me down there at 3 and we checked out the classic cars.

Home to walk and feed the dogs, then off to the North End where he fished and I read and we saw a lovely sunset. Home for showers and early to bed. 

Sunday  I lolled around in bed until almost 8:30, got up and changed the sheets with MFD, then we went to Dog Beach for about a half hour.
MFD went fishing and I did some work. The green head flies were out so I bagged the beach entirely and cleaned before packing up the car and heading home with the dogs. Perfect timing traffic-wise. I dropped the dogs off, got wash going, went to Target to return cushions, then on to Redner's for some groceries. Target was a cluster due to renovations and Redner's cashier voided my order AFTER it was all rung up. Not pleased. I made it back home without being a bitch to anyone, continued with laundry, smoked my house out during food prep, changed the sheets, peeled the top of my index finger off, and called it a damn day. 

Weekly food prep: Granola with greek yogurt and a side of banana for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with broccoli and sauteed mushrooms for lunch. Snacks are carrots and nectarines. Dinners are baked chicken thighs (bone in skin on because they were half the price of boneless/skinless) and a kale salad thing. It came from a bag. 

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books! See you back here for that. 

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