Monday, April 15, 2019

TWTW - the wedding, the work, and the watch party

Friday began with a walk on the beach with Bruce before work. Lunch was a pork belly reuben from The Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Company (seen on Diners Drive-in’s and Dives). Nails are Mint Convertible by CND - loved the color but it chipped by Saturday and I was pissed. After work we headed to Cape May for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Harbor View Restaurant. The food was great, we had a good laugh over the plating, and it was a fun night. 

Saturday I took MFD over to Cape May for groomsman things, and ran errands on the way back: Cape May Wicker, the nicest gas station ever (Exit Zero), Warehouse Wicker in Wildwood, the library, and CVS. I put hardware on upstairs in the house and did a few other things before walking the dogs and getting ready. 
I headed back to Cape May for the wedding. Lovely setting at the Lobster House, and all of Catie's touches were awesome as I knew they would be. The La Columbe coffee bar was a huge hit as evidenced by Dan and MFD hoarding it. Everyone looked fabulous, especially the bride, and it was a really nice time. 

Slow start. Lounging, coffee, reading, then I went up to put contact paper on the vanity, sort through linens, made a list of mattress encasements and protectors needed, checked all the lamps (surprise! need replacements), and other shit. MFD finished cleaning the house and drug the two twin bunk bed mattresses down four floors, swapped rugs and shower rods out, etc. I packed up downstairs and walked the dogs 50 times. We headed out around 2:30. 

We got home at 4 and I ran to Giant, made spinach dip, threw this together, started laundry, changed the sheets, and showered. 

Mark and Sarah hosted a Game of Thrones watch party with snacks - lemon cakes for Sansa, Theon in a blanket, dinosaur eggs. I loved it. Sarah killed it on the theme. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is greek yogurt with granola and mango. Three lunches needed, they'll be leftovers. Snacks are bell peppers and red grapes. Three dinners needed, they'll be spinach salad/sweet potato fries/grilled pork chops and something out of the freezer, probably a soup.

Let's make this week a good one!

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