Monday, April 22, 2019

TWTW - the one with the Easter

Thursday I drove to the shore with Bruce & Bender. Mom and Rich were there and my Easter Basket was an awesome cooler bag with sugar cookies, a candle, and all of my preferred candies. MFD got his own candy. I hung out with them until 9, then worked until 11:30 and was up until 12:40.

Friday began with beach time with Bruce and Bender because Bruce got up at 5:40 with zero fucks given about the amount of sleep people need. It was a nice morning, with a big pink moon in the sky next to the big pink hotel. After that I made soaps for upstairs then got an early start to work. At lunch I painted my nails (Zoya Perrie) and went to the library before moving myself upstairs to work for the afternoon. 
Kate and Dan and kids and Swan arrived and after work we went to the Somers Point Brewery - it just opened last weekend. Close to the house and not bad. My mom loved the tour. We came back to relax and eat. MFD arrived around dinner with Gus and Mae and we hung out at night. It was early to bed for me due to lack of sleep the night before. 
Saturday I slept in until 9 which I obviously needed, and perfect on a rainy morning. I hit Asbury Avenue with the girls to peruse the stores. Notice MFD here with a full beard in the morning.
When we got back, MFD had mutton chops. Debbie arrived and everyone headed to Cape May Brewery while MFD and I took the dogs to two beaches. It was my first time on the beach this year with no shoes and it was awesome. Gus went in the ocean twice and Ben still doesn't have dog beach down. We're working on his barking.
I finished a book and started another, bid Swan goodbye, and when MFD next appeared he had weird sideburns and a mustache. We said goodbye to Kate and Dan and the kids after dinner and by 9 pm MFD was facial hair free because we all did sheet masks and laughed. 

Easter sunrise beach time with Bruce and Bender. 
Coffee with the blondes while Rich was out bike riding + reading and relaxing.
MFD's mom arrived and they hung at the house while we went up to the boardwalk. It was my first time walking it this year. Lots of people out and it was a beautiful day. Debbie and I had to get pics with the Easter Bunny because do you know us?
Porch time and grazing and Easter dinner. My mom brought all the food this weekend and it was awesome not to have to think about what to make or running out to get anything.
Mom and Rich left around 6 and Debbie soon after. MFD's mom hung out with us to watch Game of Thrones. I cleaned up a little, packed up, thought about things I could do and decided not to, wrote this blog, and read.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is greek yogurt with granola and mango until that's done, then breakfast burritos. Three lunches needed, they'll be freezer soups. Snacks are bell peppers and mango. Leftover ham and turkey for dinners with macaroni salad or sweet potatoes and veggies. 

Hope you had a nice Passover and/or Easter or simple spring weekend if neither is your bag. 

While every day is Earth Day, today is the designated one. Hope you are being as waste-free as you can be today!

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