Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Things that make me low-key nervous

Not like vomit all over myself nervous...just passively, low-key nervous.

-Kids who can't swim running around a pool

-Releasing written communications

-Watching other people get embarrassed. Second hand embarrassment is real and I will often blurt something ridiculous or inappropriate to change the subject quickly

-Firing up a gas grill

-Driving over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

-Stepping onto the down escalator 

-When I get trapped in a piece of clothing trying to get it off, especially in a dressing room

-Long hallways

-People saying, “Can we talk?” instead of just fucking talking

-Taking a public transport route I haven’t taken before

-Rickety carnie rides

-Ice breakers...no one is listening to anyone’s fun fact about themselves because they are too busy thinking of what they’re going to say when it’s their turn 

What makes you low-key nervous?

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