Monday, April 1, 2019

TWTW - back to shore chores

Friday I went to Target, had to climb in a fucking window because I couldn't get in the front door, changed the sheets, showered, and was at the shore by 9:15 Thursday night to work there on Friday. I took Bruce down for the sunrise, which puts me in a great mood to begin the workday and I'm laser focused. I love it. 
MFD got us Bungalow Bowls for lunch, and praise the lort the hot water heater was fixed. After work we headed to North Wildwood to have dinner with MFD's Mom at the Surfing Pig. I do love dinner with a view and had a good burger with Old Bay fries to boot. I got sweet pants from her for my birthday too. Great night, home and in bed by 10.  
Saturday I finished a book, had the coffee, found out the outdoor shower hardware needs replacing, pulled bedding from the house to be washed and outdoor cushions that have had their swan song to send home, weeded my absentee neighbor's front - I haven't seen them since 2016 and us and our guests have to walk past their grossness every time we go to the beach or boardwalk or anywhere - and took and all dog walk. 
MFD was leaving to head back to Philly to show houses so I took Bruce and Bender to the North End for some shelling and an hour+ walk on the beach. Lots of sea glass so I was happy. 
I attempted to take a nap but MFD called just as I was about to drop off to sleep so I got up and painted the vanity in the big bathroom in the house. I was going to replace it but thought I'd try to save it first. I think it's a keeper. I need to seal it next weekend, finish the inside with contact paper, and find pulls for it. Two coats of that and more dog walks took up most of the late afternoon/early evening.
I painted my nails (Insta-Dri Matte Rose Flush), showered, had tomato pie from Bennie's Bread, started a new book, and was passed out around 10.
Sunday Rain was in the forecast early, so after a quick walk I packed up and was back in Philly by 9 am. Three out of four dogs who hate the rain is not fun when they have to be walked.  As soon as I got home someone booked the week in July that was cancelled, huzzah. I went to Marshalls for shore items, to Marburn Curtain to exchange curtains, and popped into the little Mexican grocery store for celery. Home to food prep, cleanup, three loads of laundry, and many episodes of season three of Santa Clarita Diet. I was exhausted all day and in a fog. At around 1 pm I realized I had drank like two tablespoons of water all day. Yikes. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is scrambled eggs or breakfast burritos - I made 12 and froze them. Snacks are bell peppers and dried grapefruits. I only need three days of lunch so that'll be leftovers. I made a veggie pasta with sauteed red onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and spinach; chicken salad from two chicken breasts; and drumsticks in the air fryer. 

April already, birthday month is over. Time fucking flies. 

How was your weekend? 

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