Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Things I keep meaning to do

Some things have been on my to do list for a while or I keep meaning to add them to a to do list and they never make it there or I lack discipline

-Calling someone about the screens that have disappeared from two windows at the shore and updating the about the house/town list for the shore 
-Cleaning out my work bag

-Addressing the pores on my face

-Filing receipts electronically

-Digging through MFD’s car for sunglasses missing since November

-Scheduling a Vietnam Vets donation pickup

-List the old wooden bar in our basement for sale

-Pick up paint for the bedroom

-Write blog posts on navigating local politics, money in politics, so you want to run for office, taking community action outside of the internet, host commentary on Show Us Your Books (co-writing with Jana), self discipline, and a zillion other things I have not bothered to write down

-Cleaning the inside of my car

-Making a fresh batch of shower spray

-Going to bed earlier

What do you keep meaning to do?

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