Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Without you in my life I'd slowly wilt and die

Dramatic, yes, but the title comes from an 80s hairband love song (Without You by Motley Crue) so there's simply no other way for it to be. I read a post on the topic of daily essentials from Steph and immediately started thinking about mine. Nothing is essential for me in the true definition of the term aside from air and water. Most of us have our own definition of essential, which falls along the line of miserable without. If I forget these things (which is very rare), I am miserable without. Can I live without them for a day? Certainly. Do I want to? No I do not.

Sunglasses. I wear them every day, sometimes even when it's spitting rain or when I'm inside. My eyes are super sensitive to light. I keep a spare pair at work and in my car, and there have been days in the past where I've forgotten them and dumped my stuff in the office to turn right around and go out and buy a cheap pair. I will simply not continue my day without them.

Book. I always have the book I'm reading with me. Always. It gets stowed in my purse even when I'm going somewhere I know it will not be read. If that's the case, it will sit on the floorboard of my car until I get back in it, then will be put back in my purse. A lot of my reading happens in five minutes here or there spurts. When I finish a physical book and I'm out I panic a little until I remember I have the kindle app on my phone in case of emergency.

Water bottle. I don't go to the store five minutes down the street from my house without bringing water with me to the car.

Phone. Not so people can get in touch with me, not so I can post on social media...but so I can take photos. I love doing it and always have. It felt so freeing when cameras on phones got good enough so I didn't have to carry a digital point & shoot with me everywhere.

Coffee did not make the list only because my true inclination is to put iced coffee, which I drink all year, but I have proven able to thrive without it out west on our National Parks trip, in Ireland and Scotland, and in South Africa. I drank regular coffee at those times and it's fine. I'm fine. It was fine. Coffee is fuel that I prefer to have, iced coffee is joy that makes my day better. Good iced coffee only though. No watery shit. See why this wasn't a point?

What are you be miserable without?

Happy birthday to my mother in law today!

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