Monday, February 4, 2019

TWTW - the one with the great purge

Friday was my work from home day this week. At lunch I hit the library and post office. My canine coworkers weren't working very hard all day and that was frustrating. We went to Mom & Rich's for dinner Friday night and I came home with a bag of cookies that I ate like a rabid raccoon all weekend. Also: nails are Essie Merino Cool, Bruce gets his feelings hurt so easily, and Bender finally sleeps with me.
Saturday Aside from changing the sheets and starting a new book, I spent all of Saturday dealing with the tremendous amount of clothes I have. Like, a full eight hour workday, at the end of which I felt incredibly satisfied. The only things I didn't touch were underwear and scarves. I was so tired I just couldn't do it. More on this whole thing tomorrow.

Sunday was early weekly food prep followed by a Marshalls run in which I bought only what I went there to buy. This week I ran out of sheet masks, exfoliator, and serum. Sheet masks - I felt terrible about the single use/overly packaged nature of those so I got three apply masks and saved $8. I also saved $8 on an exfoliator and saved $16 on serum. I can go back to my Kleem next time. When I got back from there I took Bruce and Bender for a walk sans coat and it was glorious. 
I finished going through my scarves and underwear and reorganized my bedroom shelves before calling it a day and settling down with MFD to watch the Hulu version of Frye fright and True Detective episode five. Reading, tea, and snacks rounded out the night. 

Weekly food prep: Breakfast is scrambled eggs, lunch is tuna over a bed of spinach topped with tomatoes, and Sunday dinner was buffalo chicken dip, pigs in a blanket, and veggies & dip. No cares for the Super Bowl, much love for dips, always. Dinners this week are chili from the freezer and baked chicken with green beans. Plenty of veggies cut up (including carrot quarters for the dogs), and this week's fruit theme is yellow and what was on sale. 

Realizations from clothes clean out tomorrow.

How was yours? 

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