Monday, February 11, 2019

TWTW - the one with the February living

Friday I did the shit that’s been piling up: bagged clothes to give away, sorted others for eBay/thread up/poshmark (remember when I said I’d never sell stuff because i had no time or inclination? Me too.), went through my shoes and labeled storage with my trusty label maker, put two loads of laundry away, did a load of towels, painted my nails (Insta-Dri Midnight Drive), wiped down kitchen and baths, ran the dishwasher, and started a book. 
Saturday I set donations out for Vietnam Vets pickup, hit the post office and library, ran a few other errands that ended in a hotdog in the car lunch (freaking delicious), spent a fun and busy afternoon with my niece and nephew in which I even got to wear the crown (thanks Lola Jean!), made dinner, read, did a mask, and some later night food prep. 
Sunday After a 10 hour sleep, I was barricaded in the bedroom with the dogs for two hours while Comcast came to do the internet install so I finished a book and started another, photographed some things to sell, had someone come pick up a chair I sold, made soup, and ate MFD's delicious orange cake. 
Sunday evening was showering, cleaning up the kitchen, packing lunch, showering, reading, watching Cruel Intentions and True Detective. I was up until 1 reading and the book was so scary I had to close my kindle and still my heart LOL. 

Weekly food prep: power breakfast muffins to freeze, breakfast egg muffins with mushrooms, kitchen sink veggie soup for lunches and a dinner. Other dinners are rice and beans.

See you here tomorrow for Show Us Your Books! 

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