Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What you can expect in a resort-style trip

Raise your hand if you've spent a lot of time investigating and pricing out vacations you know you're not going to take in the next six months when you need a little escape from the every day? My hand is raised.  I've seen a lot of friends asking for resort recommendations as we sit in the winter months here in the Northeast. I feel you all.

This week I've been dreaming of being footloose and fancy free-dreaming, and doing a little researching. It's no wonder resort trips are becoming more and more popular. There are your typical all-inclusives and then there are total resort-style trips. Those have been on my mind this week: privacy, fantastic amenities, a choice of restaurants/menus for dinner, your own home, and all the decisions on what you want to do. Resorts are specialized leisure where a company has carved out a small oasis in paradise. You have a small community with which you can interact or stay entirely shielded from. Friendly staff are on hand so everything feels within reach. Crucially however, you have your own property to romp around for however long you're there: a lounge, bedroom, bathrooms, garden, beach, and pool in many of them. It's kind of like being a property owner in a wonderful part of the world, so you get a feeling of exclusivity. You choose how you plan your days out, what you want to do and when. You can, of course, do nothing. There’s no rush, you can simply lay back and take it easy but have anything provided for you at a moment's notice.

Total privacy and space
In the usual kind of tropical vacation, you’re in a hotel with many other guests, sharing a swimming pool. Your balcony is next to another  room. If you have the desire to have your own space, you can get it if you go resort-style. Usually however, the properties are fashioned in the style of the country or location. For example, if you’re close to a beach like the Kingfisher Bay resort you’ll have properties that are standalone (doesn't that look like we should get on a plan right now?). You can have something that is entirely private or semi-private. You have your own space so you can sunbathe alone with nary a person in your line of sight. Privacy is the key to these resorts. If you don’t feel like going out, then you have all the appliances you need to cook a meal within your own four walls.

It's all-in and exclusive
Resorts have exclusive items and activities that other holiday companies don’t offer. Resorts have access to a part of the beach that no other person can use and their own planned excursions where trails and activities are exclusive to their list of guests. You can go through parts of the rainforest, desert, or mountainous region that other people are not privy to. Resorts will often have their own style of doing things also, such as providing private chefs upon request. They give their guests their own pools and jacuzzis, as well boats of all kinds to go out into the sea to swim or fish. It's an all-in package that gives you everything you could ask for and that is the definition of exclusive. You’ll do things that other holiday goers around you can’t do even if they offered to pay for it.

Resort holidays are going to keep on captivating the general public. It's very alluring to have your own space, pool, waiting staff, and privacy. It's like you’ve been given a place in paradise that is all yours.

I'm a fan of vacation daydreaming of all sorts: traversing cities, roughing(ish) it in a cross country road trip, cruising, living small and sparse somewhere beautiful, and living large and lovely like a resort-style trip.

Warm and sunny are calling my name.


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