Monday, February 18, 2019

TWTW - the one that was different than expected

Friday My plan was to come home, get in pajamas, and read. Instead I painted my nails (Inst-Dri Matte Violet Velvet) while MFD finished work and we decided to use one of our gift certificates from Christmas for a sushi dinner at Sakura with an Aldi trip on the way. But first a knock on my window at the light and we pulled over to help a senior stranded motorist who didn't have a phone, pushing her car into the gas station with our car before MFD and another guy physically pushed her into a spot. After putting laundry away, I was in bed reading by 10. 

Saturday I started a new book, photographed a shit ton of clothes to sell under the supervision of Bruce and Bender, went to the library and the post office, made a big salad, picked up pizza from Brothers for dinner at Dad & Carol's (MFD had to bring Carol's walker from hip replacement into the photo, never a dull moment), and on the way home we went to Target. Together. And that's always an adventure. 
Sunday I met one of last summer's renters to return hoodies he left from July, picked up around the house, changed the sheets, washed sheets, read, went to see the cutest little Annabelle baby finally, packed up a big bag of clothes to send to Thred Up, finished a book, and putzed around while MFD worked in the afternoon.
Sunday night dinner at Mom & Rich's with the whole fam- I stuffed myself silly then came home to watch True Detective. Luckily we were at my mom’s because we left our house without a house key. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast burritos from the freezer and strawberries for breakfasts, PB&J for lunch (only need three days), sliced bell peppers for snacks, rice and beans and Mexican stuffed shells from the freezer for dinners. It was nice to only have to slice veggies and pack fruit this weekend. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Show Us Your Books Readathon! Three prizes were two $15 gift cards and a $25 gift card to the booksellers of choice to the winners. I meant to spend most of the weekend reading but only read on the fringes, which is typical of how a lot of weekends in life go. 

How was yours? Are you off today? I'm in.

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