Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - let's start at the very beginning / a very good place to start

1. I dropped my bags at the door yesterday on the pressing topic of the week that I typically address in my Thursday posts. You know it needs its own post when it's too long for Thursday Thoughts.
2. But just for kicks, with all this Donald Trump inspired pussy talk, did you know that in 2012 two women representatives in Michigan were banned by Republican House Leaders from speaking on the House floor because they used the word vagina when talking about an anti-choice bill? Rep. Mike Callton told the press that what they said (the word vagina, which is actually what a female body part is called) was so vile that he could not bear to mention it in front of women or mixed company. Yet pussy is all over the presidential race this week. This is, indeed, real life. It's just words, it's not a big deal...unless you mention a female body part in a legislative body that is legislating about the female body. THEN SHUT UP, YOU VILE STRUMPET. If you don't see the horror and irony in this, you might need an electric shock.
3. Links I liked this week: 38 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up the Second Debate, Donald and Billy on the Bus, 27 Ken Bone tweets, Pro Athletes Say No One Talks Like Trump in Locker Rooms, Muslims Report Stuff

3. This week has not gone according to plan. Monday night Jana and I attempted to record The Armchair Librarians and had technical difficulties. Tuesday night the mobile vet thought I was an in-office appointment and never showed up, then I wasted over two hours trying to deal with iPhone Fuckery Take II and got absolutely nothing else on my to do list done, then I was up searching for plain navy Lularoe leggings in vain. Why can't I find these? I think my friend Siobhan helped me find them, we'll see when they arrive! Wednesday more time was wasted wiping my iPhone and restoring it - when I spoke to Apple they said the most recent update was making things "wonky," which is apparently the new technical term for broken down shitshow. That was my actual reply to her. "Is wonky the technical term for the broken down shitshow update you released to the masses?" So the first few days of the week were like a giant error message.

4. I let my hair go past its expiration date this week, which did not help my foray into Sephora on Tuesday. I swear to God every time I go in there it's easily the day of the week I look the worst  - I'm never wearing any makeup and my hair is always on its last leg. Anyone else always roll up into Sephora looking like they desperately need every product in the place and then some?

5. MFD was in town on Tuesday and we went to lunch at Melt Kraft, a grilled cheese place. He loved it; I thought mine was too greasy. We ran into our friend Ellen from school. It's always nice to have an unexpected encounter.
6. Tuesday was National Coming Out Day. I am a supporter of equal rights for the LGBTQ community. My favorite thing is when people are happy - I don't care about their sexual orientation, religion, skin color - I like when people are good, and when they're happy. Life is too short to be otherwise.

7. Vietnam Vets is picking up on Saturday. I was supposed to show you a photo of what I purged on Monday and Tuesday nights but we already covered above how shit has not gone as planned, so trust that I will be ripping through the house on Friday night like nobody's business. Our lady of Victory, pray for us.

8. Currently reading. Did you check out the 49 posts linked up for the second anniversary of Show Us Your Books on Tuesday? Did you enter to win booky prizes?

9. Reminder. Even though I've been in a relationship for 14 years, I have never stopped cultivating alone time. It is important to me to not lose me.

10.  E-card of the week: 

Alright, alright, alright. 

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  1. Little funny suitcase collection but looks classic. As always nice post.

    Best regards!

  2. Scott and I have been together 20 years and I love my alone time more than anything. It's essential to my well being.

    I have no words left for the disgust and rage I have over Republican hypocrisy.

  3. We use Vietnam Vets or Purple Heart for pick up, too. Purging and giving stuff away to someone you KNOW will benefit from it is the best.

    ALONE time is soooooo underrated with people. I knew someone who couldn't be alone so she jumped from relationship to relationship, always had to be around friends [even if they treated her poorly] and complained any time her SO went out of town. I may be an extrovert, but I enjoy my alone recharge time. I'll go to movies alone or eat alone just to BE ME.

  4. Melt Kraft?? Yum! Any place dedicated solely to grilled cheese already has my heart (but bummer that yours was too greasy! :(
    Loved the book reviews from the other day--added some interesting ones to my TBR list--thanks again for hosting the link up! And yes to alone time! Sometimes you just need it to recharge! I love having time to watch what I want, or do what I want--super important!

  5. Melt Kraft sounds delicious! I love grilled cheese!
    I couldn't agree with you more on people being happy. Life is too short to be anything but. If people would just stop judging everyone and pointing fingers and let people live their lives and be happy I think the world would be much better off!

  6. omg vile strumpet, I have never used that phrase in my life and I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm going to use it at least twice this weekend. Make it part of my new vocabulary.
    The new iphone update is making my phone die :( So now I need to go in and spend $80 on a new battery. Bullshit.

  7. That Apple update is causing some serious havoc . . . hope it's sorted now! I'm with you on not giving a heck about someone's personal choices as long as they are kind . . . and happy too! I dig my alone time too . . . helps me get back to center!

  8. But is your phone fixed?

    Every time I go into a makeup store, I feel 10x uglier. It's science.

    I went to a craft fair this weekend and there was a Lula Roe lady and she had a genius pop-up tent so people could try things on. It was so smart. She had tons of solid leggings. Not sure if she ships but my friend bought from her and I can get you her name if you want to get in her facebook group and see?

  9. Agree on all. Re:vagina when Trump and his trumpettes say pussy. I don't like that word. This whole election gets more bizarre by the day. Curious as to what's so special about these leggings. I had a wonderful spray experience in Ulta yesterday. I never go in sephora. They monitor your perfume sprays. Ruiners! Happy Friday eve! Love. Your. Momma.

  10. I can't with the debate stuff. I just wanna vote and get past this shitshow.

    The iPhone fuckery is the bane of my week too.

    I am slowly learning to find myself again.

    I always roll up in Sephora looking a mess. That is just my luck.

  11. I always look like shit when I walk up in to Sephora and their sales people are all over me in two seconds ask what I need help with like I have no clue where to even start. Wonky. Chris hates that word and if I say my computer or phone or project I am working on looks wonky I hear him suck in a breath like I just stabbed him in the back.

  12. I am just SO thankful to be Canadian, although still annoyed that Trump's tomfoolery is still getting so much news coverage around here.

  13. I'm learning so much about number 9 this year. I think a lot of people forget that you can be totally in love with your partner and still be your own person with your own opinions. Me and Chris enjoy different things, we believe different things, we think different ways. I love him and my marriage is a HUGE part of me, but I also really love who I am on my own. This year (BOO INTERN YEAR) I've been alone (well, plus a baby) so much and you know, I haven't minded it as much as I thought I would. Because I actually really like myself. Great reminder.

  14. Oh my gosh... that's what drives me INSANE. I guarantee you 70% of the people (& that's being kind) have no idea about the situation where the women couldnt even say the CORRECT word without consequences. & then this CRAP that is happening today? WHAT IS HAPPENING?????????? How are people adjusting to this stuff from Trump like its OK?

  15. Can they constitutionally ban an elected official from dokng their job? That's nuts.

  16. At number 2, all I can really do is laugh, shake my head, and hold on till November 8. (REMINDER TO ANYONE WHO CAN SEE THIS: VOTE FOR YOUR CONGRESSPEOPLE.) Also, LOL vile strumpet.

    All those links were awesome too—required reading!

    Number 6, <3 <3 <3 I was so proud to see a loved one explicitly say on social media for the first time this week that she's in a same-sex relationship! I only wish more people in more places felt like they had that same freedom, but I'm not so blind to believe they do. I'm suddenly reminded that yesterday was the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death and realizing this is still all too real a reality for too many people.

    And as someone who was single for almost all of her adult life and then happened into an earth-shaking, soul-lifting relationship, I can absolutely attest to the greatness of alone time. I wouldn't have been ready for a serious relationship with David if I hadn't taken all that alone time to learn what I want, need, expect from and enjoy most out of life.

  17. I always hate how the most recent Apple update always causes my phone to go crazy until the figure out that they updated something wrong. That grilled cheese place sounds awesome, but I'm sorry that yours turned out too greasy!

  18. Yes to always going into a makeup store looking like a troll lol. That's so me. The sales people are always like "the products for under eye circles are over there..." Not really, but I'm always worried they will say that.

  19. I second what Gena can ban a representative from speaking on the floor?! Whaaat?! (Not to mention that is the stupidest reason to ever ban someone...seriously?!) Way too excited to check out all the links you posted. I've seen some great tweets and some of the Muslims Report Stuff tweets and they are awesome. Also ditto on National Coming Out Day & the LGBT community. <3

  20. First of all, can't believe I missed National Coming Out Day. I had no idea! I feel like most years my social media blows up with rainbows on such a day, but there was nothing this year.

    I love my alone time, and I've tried taking myself on dates because I heard that you "should." However I found that I like going to cafes by myself, but feel extremely uncomfortable eating alone (at a table) in a restaurant and bored going to the movies by myself. That grilled cheese looks delicious- sorry to hear yours was too greasy!

  21. You know it's a shitty week when your error message not only tells you what's wrong but then follows it up with "also."

    I love alone time :)

  22. Maybe those representatives should have used 'pussy' as that seems to be the more acceptable term these days. Totally agree with you on 6 and 9 too! Really enjoyed this post today!

  23. Oy with this week in politics... HAHAHA I said week! This freakin' year. I'm ready for everything to be over. But I'm slightly scared. So much hypocrisy. So much hate. So much p***y. So ready for it to be done.
    My phone can no longer hold charge after 30%!!!!!!

  24. I'm pretty sure I'm the (independent) person I am because of the army. #lotsofalonetime

    Also, I'm on my last leg of effs to give.

    Sounds like a crappy week...hope you have a relaxing weekend planned :)

  25. love that alone quote. i wish i had learned that earlier in life, but at least i know it now. and 100 times yes to 'I like when people are good, and when they're happy'. spot on, as always.
    definitely not doing the iphone update, wtf!

  26. I think alone time is so important. I have already informed my boyfriend that even after we live together, there will be times I want to do my own thing. It's nothing against him. It's all about what I need.


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