Monday, October 24, 2016

TWTW - the one before vacation

On the way home Friday, I returned clothes I did not need for vacation before getting the dogs together and heading to the shore where I zoned out watching Hogan's Heroes.As you can tell from Gus, we were all pretty beat. Goodnight Irene.
Saturday dawned windy, cold, and rainy. I walked the dogs, put some stuff away around the house, then eased into the day with some coffee and reading until MFD and Joe were ready to go. We went to Jon & Patty's for breakfast, then I picked up Italian bread at Bennie's Bread and some groceries at Boyar's.
I took the dogs for a long walk on the beach. Gus was like a Goonie - running around like a loon, all THIS IS OUR TIME! Mae was a shivery limpy mess and ended up just sitting and waiting for me to come get her while the boys jackassed around. MFD and Joe came down to fish and I carried Mae in my jacket as we walked on and all around town. That killed my back. Even though it was cold and windy, it was a cool day to be on the beach. The sky and ocean looked great.
I picked up my custom piece from Peace of Wood, finished The Mothers (read it!), made a pot of spinach tortellini soup in the afternoon, ordered Christmas cards and labels, and spent the evening blogging and relaxing while MFD and Joe went out night fishing. I also started Safe With Me
We're holding off on a lot of maintenance at the shore right now - much of what needs to be done this off season is outdoors  - but we've changed or added some decor and we just got all the exterior windowsills capped. File under: a shit ton of money you needed to spend that no one will ever notice but it had to be done. I went through some of my Gamma's things last week and brought a few of her shore themed things down here like this ice bucket. This is her town, after all. We also added the lat/long sign and the anchor Tara made for us fits very nicely with MFD's boats. 
Sunday morning I went to see the sunrise. I wasn't going to, but I'm glad I did. It was cold but peaceful. I was totally alone as far as my eyes could see, and it was a good way to center myself before an insane week ahead. It was quiet with the waves gently lapping the shore because there was a sandbar with the break far out (see second crappy iPhone zoomed photo)
After walking the dogs, I had coffee while they lounged, then I cleaned two bathrooms and the kitchen, wiped down surfaces on the main floor and in the efficiency, and vacuumed and Swiffer'd both as well. I was back in Philadelphia with laundry going before 12:30.
My face and nails were hideous, so I did a quick face mask and 60 second manicure, showered, and packed my health and beauty aids and makeup for the trip. And of course I had to go to freaking Target for a few things. I stopped to see my brother and Aubrey and Lola on the way home and ordered a fatass feast for dinner. 
Food prep can go to hell this week. Breakfasts are breakfast burritos from the freezer and lunch is frozen spinach mac & cheese cups. We're winging dinner and I need to get some honey crisp apples for snacks. 
 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
Last week of work before vacation and I've over-scheduled myself at night. Hold on to your pants. Hat? I like pants. 

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  1. Mae being carried by you is awfully adorable.
    Your Gamma's ice bucket is a perfect addition.
    Good luck this week before vacay.

  2. Anytime before a vacation we are the worst with meal prep so I totally feel you on that!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Looks like another lovely weekend at the shore, one of my favorite places on earth. The spinach tortellini soup looks yummy, will you be sharing the recipe? And what is the turquoise thing on your kitchen counter? It's one of my happy colors an it always catches my eye! Happy week before vacation 😀

  4. Are most stores/restaurants still open during this time in Ocean City? By me most places are either closed up for the season or closing as of Nov. 1st.

  5. I love the latitude sign and that you brought some of your Gamma's stuff to the shore! And a big old YES to Bennie's Bread! Yum!!!

  6. Your dogs are so expressive. I feel like I can tell what they are thinking. Love that you carried Mae around. That soup looks perfect for that blustery day (good practice for vacation). Looking forward to your adventures!!

  7. Love the lat/long sign! Have you posted the recipe for the frozen spinach mac & cheese before? It sounds delicious, I love adding veggies to mac & cheese but the rest of the fam does not so I always end up with way too much. Is there a trick to freezing it so it's still good when re-heated or do you just stick it in a muffin cup and re-heat when needed?

  8. Before and after vacations are always a shit show for me as I try to juggle things to do, packing, work, etc and then when I come home I try to find the motivation to give a shit about anything while being angry that reality interrupted my time. That spinach tortellini soup looks so yummy! Mae getting carried in your coat, so spoiled! Hope you have a great week before vacation!

  9. I love the custom sign you had made! And hope you get everything you needed done so you can enjoy a carefree vacation! :)

  10. Your last weekend before vacation sounded so relaxing, and exactly what you needed if you're already overscheduled for this week! At least you have vacation right around the corner to look forward to!

  11. I really love that coordinates piece!

  12. That sunrise is spectacular. I'm not an early riser but need to make an effort to at least see the sunrise over the ocean at least once. I pay a ton to live in a beach city, after all! I LOVE the custom sign you had made. What a great quote!

  13. long time reader not so much at commenting.
    I have had a really crappy couple weeks but wanted to thank you for making me giggle today.
    "hold onto your pants" I'm giggling like a nut right now. Much appreciated

    1. I don't have your email or I'd email you, but I'm glad you got a laugh. Hope things start looking up for you!

  14. Ahhh, the week before vacation = good times trying to get your ducks all in a row. Good luck!

    Mae looks positively displeased being on the cold beach. Mom CARRY! lol Too cute. :)

    In case I actually miss you before you head out, have a great trip!

  15. I'm nearly finished Roots so will definitely get The Mothers at the library.

  16. That tortellini soup looks good! We "wing it" on a lot of nights. I want to get in the habit of making a menu again. Mae is so adorable. Saint will act tough inside the house, but she turns into a baby when we go anywhere except the field across the street.

  17. You have your Xmas cards ordered already? Holy smokes. I feel so far behind already. I LOVE that custom piece you got. It's amazing. Best of luck with the week before vacation. May it go quickly, but productively :)

  18. Sounds like a great weekend of random happenings before vacation! How cold is the shore now during the day? Still beautiful sunrises but I don't little Mae for shivering especially if the sand is cold. I love the last photo with the 3 of them together on the couch :-)

  19. Good luck this week!

    Ugh. Putting us to shame with the card ordering!

    I love the lat/long sign

  20. blogger ate my comment, rage. love the lat/long sign, your Gamma's ice bucket is perfect and the spinach tortellini soup look amazing! yum. i always over-schedule myself before vacation and wonder why i do it to myself. added the mothers to my list!


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