Friday, October 28, 2016


Is Amazon-ing a verb in your life? It is in mine.If I can't get it at a small, local biz, 90% of the time it's ordered from Amazon (the other 10% belongs to Target). I've been a prime member for years, and now I'm a prime member on steroids with Amazon Fresh. Rebecca at Knit by God's hand does a regular post about her Amazon-ing, and I've been saying forever that I'm going to do that. And here I am, doing that.

This is what I bought from Amazon in October. I'm probably forgetting a few things because this seems light for me.

Reusable sandwich & snack baggies by Art of Lunch, $19.97 - these are freaking awesome, and I can't believe it took me so long to purchase reusable bags of this size. My sandwich baggie usage was the least environmentally friendly thing about me and I'm glad I've kissed it goodbye. Special bonus: these bags can go in the dishwasher. Easily the MVP of the month.

Fleece for Mae, $8.49 - Little girlfriend gets cold.

Nature's Way Elderberry Capsules, $23.70 - Part of my regular health maintenance. I used to use the syrup, and sometimes when I'm actually feeling sick I still do, but these are much easier for daily use. This was for a pack of three, 100 capsules each.

Library Card Pouch and other prizes for Show Us Your Books giveaway - Varied prices, pouch is $12 and I'm including it here because the purchase of this pouch sends one book to a community in need.

Merry Christmas Stinky Face, and other assorted Christmas stuff - For a basket I made for a fundraiser.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Order - $108

Travelon Bag Bungee, $22 for two - My travel guru Mimi suggested them so I got a two pack for our upcoming trip.

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid, $10 - I never travel without a paperback.

Brother P-Touch Tape, $9.46 - Label maker is life.

Travel adapters - $6.99 each

Halloween candy $30 - I bought it but did not hide it and MFD has been eating it. DAMN IT.

Dog treats - I prefer the Isle of Dogs treats, particularly the healthy minis and the chillouts. I also buy my dogs' supplements from Amazon.

Dream Zone Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask, $9.49 - I've been using these for years. They are the best sleep mask.

Woolite travel laundry kit with sink stopper $7.13 - Realized too late that my travel laundry sink detergent is at the shore.

Are you a buy it all at Amazon person or do you go into the field for your needs? 

Annnnnd I'm out. Vacation tomorrow! Does anyone else inform their DD coffee people that they're going on vacation? Only me?

I spent some time blogging last weekend, so you can expect some posts while I'm gone. I think. I probably won't go back and check them so let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best. I'll be overgramming and MFD even re-installed Instagram for the occasion, so follow along with us if you'd like!


  1. I hope you like the book - it was a great read that I really enjoyed!! Have a wonderful vacation!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Amazon is awesome. Rich is the prime member so he orders for me. Such a time saver and delivery is unbelievable!
    Happy trails to you! 💖✨😇🍀☮️🦄💪
    Love. Your. Momma. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. I use Amazon mostly for books and holiday/birthday gifts. Maybe assorted other odds and ends. I venture into the field for groceries and household items. It's a nice balance.

  4. I definitely don't use Amazon as much as I'd like to, mostly because it is nowhere near as good in Canada & neither is prime...but there are definitely still some incredible deals to be had! :) I really enjoyed After I Do - I hope you like it too! Have a fantastic trip! Looking forward to following along on Instagram :)

  5. I use Amazon weekly. I love those reusable sandwich bags, especially the turtle print. Have a great trip!!

  6. Merry Christmas Stinky Face sounds awesome haha. Maes fleece is so cute! I use Amazon for some items. Chris just placed a huge order on there the other day and I am interested to see what all he got. Interested or scared? Hmmm. He sent me this link and I am not sure if he was serious or not Hope you have a great time on vacation!!!

  7. Have a great trip! Ireland is fantastic.

  8. Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!!! Have fun!!!

    I love those reusable sandwich bags- that's smart! I also have to hide candy/buy it last minute or else K gets into it RIGHT. AWAY.

    Around my birthday a package from Amazon showed up on our porch and I told K that I didn't think I had anything coming to me and he asked, "Are you sure you weren't drunk Amazon-ing one night?"
    (For the record, I never do that, haha.) Turns out it was a gift from a friend sent directly from Amazon. Ha.

  9. I love Amazon and could probably be purchasing more from there! I acutally just order the book After I Do this week! I should be getting it tomorrow. Hope you have an awesome weekend?

  10. I want every damn thing you listed. Starting with eldeberry capsule and the sleep mask but really everything. Hawkeye wouldn't wear a fleece though, she's a winter lover like her momma.

  11. I've seen the sandwich bags from a coworker and I didnt realize they could go in the dishwasher! Mind blown!

  12. Just received an awesome air conditioner cover from Amazon. Excellent quality for $20. Lowes- bought cover was $15 and not even close quality-wise.
    Amazon forever!
    Just had to add that.
    Your. Momma !💖✨😇

  13. If Googling is a thing, then Amazoning should definitely be one, too. We are obsessed with our Prime subscription, and now I need to click through a bunch of these links to see what else to add to my wish list ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. Totally an amazon-er! Prime for life!! Have a wonderful, wonderful vacation! Can't wait to stalk your IG posts :)

  15. ooooh those bags can go in the dishwasher? awesome!! we don't use sandwich bags *too* much but i want them anyway. i am curious about the elderberry. i love my pouch! i am overwhelmed with what i should use it for so right now it's just sitting on my table. but it's pretty! the bag bungee seems interesting. can't wait to hear your thoughts on after i do, you haven't read any of hers right? if i remember correctly? i haven't read that one. we use amazon a lot, the last thing i bought was a head lamp hahaha. i should do one of these posts.
    have the best vacation!!!! can't wait for all the over gramming.

  16. Amazon is my crack. I check deals of the day on the DAILY! I'm surprised you didnt buy that tree nail polish organizer I sent you! Have a great trip!

  17. I'm the same way with Amazon! I'm a Prime member too and most of the time I get lucky and find what I need and it's at my house in two days!

  18. I Amazon addictively... my mailman does not appreciate me. He should. I keep the post office in business.
    What is the elderberry good for? I but almost all my vitamins/nutrients at Amazon, and I but a LOT of them.
    Have a great trip - Ireland is on my bucket list.

  19. You are going to love the bungee! Just remember to tuck it into the front pocket when going through a scanner, and remove it when checking. It can get caught on things.

  20. Amazon-ing is DEFINITELY a word....and I real problem on my part. Having the 1-click on my phone is both the best and worst idea ever lol

  21. Those re-usable snack bags are something I should get. I've also been thinking about trying a sleep mask because it takes a while for me to fall asleep.

  22. I love the wide variety of things you can find on amazon! Just about anything. I've been on a major shopping spree recently. The reusable snack bags are definitely a great purchase.

  23. Those lunch sacks are freaking adorable! When I go back to work, I may have to get one. I love how environmentally friendly they are! I bought a travel adapter through Amazon this month too. Loved it. Saved me so much hassle when I was in Europe. And it had space for two USB cords so even better. No having to take turns. That Library Card bag is tops!

  24. We LOVE Amazon prime. It's dangerous but so convenient. I want to try those reusable bags.

  25. Gosh I sure love Amazon. You can find anything on there! You'll have to let me know how you like After I Do. I picked it up at our library's book sale and haven't opened it up yet.

  26. You finally did a post!!! & yes, you give me a run for my money in Amazon purchases ;) or a run for Amazon's money I should say ;)
    Love those reusable bags!!!

  27. I don't think I've ever actually bought anything on Amazon! Maybe a textbook when I was in university but I think that's it! I need to invest in some reusable sandwich bags, I try to use little tupperware containers but sometimes sandwich bags are the storage solution I need.

  28. Whaaat are those sandwich bag things? We go through a million ziplocks for my husband's lunch! Hope you're having a great vacation!


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