Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: this song has no title just words and a tune

1. Today there is a pop up art installation at Dilworth Plaza highlighting the plight of homeless youth in this city. The proprietor of the Streets Dept blog is teaming up with Covenant House for this event, titled "Am I Cut Out?" Please check it out between 9-4 if you're going to be in Center City. I'll be sharing some images on Instagram when I get over there. From Streets Dept:

2. I do not operate on fear, nor do I live in fear of many things. So I'm serious when I say I am alarmed at the chatter from Trump supporters of voter intimidation at polling places. I'm also concerned about what Trump might incite supporters to do if he does not win this election. In last night's debate he did not say he would concede if he loses. Please remember that much of the world - the world Americans look down upon, mind you - has bloody battles over elections because one side says it's rigged and will not concede. This republic has always been more civilized and enjoyed a peaceful transition of power even when half has not liked the outcome. I fear the basest of his followers have been properly amped up, stoked, and fed a steady diet of conspiracy theories and that these people will act in a dangerous manner if their chosen candidate does not win. Words *do* have power...and in this case, words and ideas have the power to incite riot and civil unrest nationwide. Trump is engaging in sedition. There is a line and he's over it. God help all of us, because I fear it's too late to rein it in even if he was inclined to, which I don't think he is. In other news, there are so many more people who wear tinfoil hats and cover the windows with newspaper than I thought there were...everything is a fucking conspiracy these days. Newsflash! Just because you're losing doesn't mean the system is rigged. Jesus Christ.

3. When I was born, the triplets were seven. My mom's youngest siblings are 13 years younger than her and seven years older than me. Today is their birthday. My life is totally interwoven with theirs and I'm glad for it.

4. I never had a cousin I was thick as thieves with, and I never had a sister...only those I've chosen for myself. Lori has really fulfilled so many roles for me. I'm eternally grateful to have her in my life. I have never had to look far for support, encouragement, or friendship.

5. I find myself very jiggly right now. Less time at the shore = less activity. I need to get it moving again. Back to zumba more regularly.

6. It's time for the best apple of all apples: the honey crisp apple. My afternoon snack at work just increased exponentially in awesomeness.
7. I've been going to Central Nails on 16th & Chestnut for pedicures for the entire eight years I've been working here. They've gotten a little sloppy, rushed, and dirty. Tuesday I was walking past Young's on 16th between Sansom & Walnut and went in. I found a new BFF in Felicia and I'm going there from now on. Plus I like the pedicure basins. Is that weird? Toes are Essie's Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.
8. I had dinner with Jen, my oldest friend last night. We've been friends for 36 years. Time flies. Long time friends are one of my truest joys in life and Jen is my longest time friend.

9. Reminder.

10.  E-card of the week: Remember when the world worked like this?


  1. I love ❤️ your blogs. So much. Heartbreaking about homeless youth. Our Lori is our own angel on earth. The universe will make the best situations for our world. Keeping the faith ! Everybody vote. Love the e card. Have the best day!
    Love and lights and angels extra. 💖✨😇 Love. Your. Momma

  2. Trump sent out official campaign emails yesterday telling all his supporters to ONLY watch HIS facebook live feed for a half hour before the debate, no news channels, and then to tune into his facebook feed again after the debate for all the post-debate coverage. He is legitimately insane. He is brainwashing his supporters and it is quite scary.

  3. I basically live for honeycrisp apple + peanut butter season. :)

  4. Honeycrisps are amazing! I also love a good ambrosia apple too! Man, I love this season!

  5. Thankfully my world still works like that - I do not respond after 5 or on weekends. I straight up told my boss he does not pay me enough to get work emails on my phone, and that was that.
    Going to get a mani today after work, we're also trying a new place (I go with my friend Ida, who, like your Jen, is one of my oldest friends.) I give up on pedis during the fall and winter because I'm lazy and cheap.

  6. i never had a sister (well, i do have half sisters) and i do have a cousin i am close with but not hardcore, and nowhere near as close as the friends/family i have chosen for myself.
    honeycrisp apples are my jam! love them. KC used to nag about how expensive they were compared to gross apples, but then he tried them and i converted him.
    i haven't found my perfect nail salon here. i've been to a couple, but i don't like feeling rushed or that they do a sloppy job. i'm sorry yours went bad but yay for a new one.

  7. Just noticing your new profile pic and it's great!

    I was thinking naively while watching the debate last night. I thought so what if he doesn't concede, rules are rules and we have a new president so Mr. Crazy can just go on spouting ridiculousness and we can make fun of him. But you're so right - he does have supporters who would do even crazier things if "the liar" (eyeroll so hard), you know, wins the elections in the ways our founders set forth. So so scary.

    Need to cleanse the palate - Love the concept of art to raise awareness and I'll be looking forward to your IG posts!

  8. Hahaha that ecard is how I feel every day when I leave. I wont take work home with me anymore. It isn't worth it! yay for friends who become family :) That is the best!!! And I think if a place isn't working for you anymore, you should treat yourself to a change. Don't settle!

  9. I've been on the honeycrisp apple train this week when they were finally on sale at my grocery store! Love that morning snack for me! And I agree with you about Trump. So much of what he does and says is hypocrisy. But this stoking of rage is not ok. It makes me scared, also, for what will happen if he loses.

  10. What Trump and his deranged supporters fail to realize is that the more and more they talk about this supposed America they're going to restore, the more they're talking about an America that never was, but a tyrannical, fascist society that will be if he is elected. There is no America of the past that is led by a dictator with no civic education whatsoever. The lengths he and his followers are going to in this race to Nov. 8 read more and more like pieces of a dystopian novel every day, and I actually, completely fear a Trump presidency. This cannot happen.

    On a lighter note, HELL YES HONEY CRISP! They are the BEST.

    #9, I need that so often. I think I'll save that graphic.

  11. I can feel myself starting to get more jiggly too! I need to hit the gym more too, especially with all of the holiday food and parties around the corner!

  12. Jiggly... I read it as Jiggy at first & thought you were talking about dancing - till I read the rest & went back to look at the word ;) haha
    Yep - Trump scares me too. Just heard a podcast that talked about his supporters talking about how they would have to "take over" if Hillary won. & proceeded to talk about shooting her. SCARY STUFF.. the man is nuts.

  13. The conspiracy theories drive me insane. To my chagrin, the employees at this branch (the sales reps, anyway) were all hand-picked by two managers, both of whom are very conservative, and at least one of them is huge on guns and hunting. Anyway, they choose these people not based on any sort of ability or education, but the fact that they agree on stuff like hunting and politics and blah blah blah. So I've been getting earfuls of conspiracy theories since I moved to this branch almost a year ago. They've said that "they" (no word on who "they" is) choose the candidates for both sides. Just pick anyone and make them the candidate. They were also saying this morning that there's no way Hillary actually got the votes to be the Dem nominee. Because you know, "rigged." Makes me want to vomit. They also said they hate Hillary's: voice, pantsuits, the fact that she reminds one of them of her mom who is a school principal. Because those aren't sexist reasons, or anything.

    OH also, I found (and purchased) a Nasty Woman t-shirt today and thought of you. I found it on Google Ghost and half the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

  14. Honey crisp apples are the BEST. And number so good.

  15. It's so pathetically sad that when confronted with the fact that he is going to lose that he cannot do so with grace, but instead claims the election was rigged against him. Life is very rarely ever rigged against a billionaire. And what's worst is that his humongous ego drives him to say these things to make himself feel better, without realizing the grave danger and hurt he is causing. I just don't understand what people see in him. I understand people are hurting and struggling but how they see him as their savior ... I don't get. And I love that e-card so much. I love all the technology advancements but hate that now it seems like we must be "on" 24/7. Nope!

  16. I'm with you on the "gotta get moving again" bit. I went running yesterday just for fun without a distance or speed in mind and actually found myself enjoying it again. I miss Zumba! Haven't been in ages!

  17. I really like that reminder. My mom is the type who bends over backwards for people who never do as much for her. I think she looks 10 years older from the stress of other people's problems.

  18. LOVE the ecard! I had a parent ask today if I had "night hours". Nope. Nope. Nope. Not a retail store.

    Also, I've been splurging on honeycrisp apples. Usually I avoid them because they're more expensive.

  19. Trump's fearmongering is so gross. I was super disturbed by his graphic description of what he wants people to think abortion is... which couldn't be farther from reality. But it raised emotions, brought up fear. (Was then surprised by how many people, including news hosts, also didn't realize that what he described is not a thing that happens.) Apparently he walked his statement about not accepting results back to a slightly more reasonable level today, but ughhhh. Made me realize that the man has no concept of the difference between real life and reality TV, where you can just keep doing new takes until you sound less stupid.

    <3 the reminder on #9!

  20. Amen to the honeycrisp apples! They are my fave and I look forward to eating dozens of them this time each year. Yes, I remember all too well a time in the not so distant past when we could leave our workplace and expect to be left alone until we returned. I still maintain this expectation, although it is frowned upon by my bosses. When I leave work, unless it's an emergency, I do not read work emails and I screen all calls. There must come a time when we draw the line in the sand and be prepared to guard our private time. Oh, girl... the conspiracy theories. Geez! I've hidden so many FB friends this year bc of the ignorance they post about Trump and believing that the entire world is against him. I can't wait until this election is over, but like you said, once it's over that doesn't necessarily mean this lunacy will end. God help us all.

  21. I miss being able to unplug entirely. I'm with you on the polling issues... it's one of my biggest fears with all this nonsense about the election being rigged... because on November 9, there's going to be a lot of crazies who feel like their freedom and country was stolen... and I'm afraid of what that looks like.


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