Monday, October 10, 2016

TWTW - the one with the fall block party

I worked from the shore Friday so I saw a great sunrise, had breakfast with Lori at Jon & Patty's, and got some coffee to go at Drip N' Scoop before starting at 8:30. At lunch I picked up some local art from Peace of Wood and a sandwich on my bike at lunch and painted my nails (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Cherry Fast).
My Mom got down around 6:30 and we headed up to the boards to eat at Angelo's and get candy from Shriver's before heading back to the house to wait for Debbie and Melissa to arrive. Key chains were $1 up there and I had to get Boss to match the pink and green one I already had. I wanted my mom to get I Love Hip Hop because they didn't have Linda but she said no. I also started this book.
Saturday morning was the annual Fall Block Party. We started out clear and ended in the rain, but it was a great day. We came back to the house, dried off, met up with Michelle and Amelia, had some food my mom got at Boyar's and Ike's Seafood, then headed back out.
The ladies renting the place across from us had a gigantic pair of underwear as their weekend flag. We were well situated right on the block party route. There was music, food, good wares, and fall scenes all along the way. I got two little ceramic Christmas trees to add to my collection.
Along with everything else. I stayed true to myself and went a little crazy with the tie dye. And yes I am aware I look like rainbow sherbet in that hoodie. I dig patronizing small businesses, crafters, and artists.
Lori and I joined my mom's hair mane cult.
Michelle and Amelia came in to check out the house and left around 4:30. We chilled out all night. Mom, Melissa, and I walked up to the beach/boards, Debbie made jewelry including this new Buddha bracelet for me, and we talked about everything under the sun from poop (Lori brought out some old favorite stories) to women's rights. 
Sunday was windy and nasty. Coffee, clean up, watching everyone's umbrellas blow inside out from the porch, a stop at Bennie's Bread for dinner stuff, and off the island by 11:15. 
Sunday at home = laundry, picking up, changing sheets, reading, dogs, dinner, debate. Weekly food prep largely happens tomorrow, I did make a pork tenderloin on Sunday. Breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer and bananas, lunch is quinoa pasta spinach mac & cheese cups from the freezer, snacks are bell peppers and apples, and dinner is teriyaki pork loin/rice/steamed broccoli and baked chicken and sweet potatoes.
Fabulous weekend with my girls!
 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg

Happy 40th to one of my BFFs, Melissa! She's the first one of us to turn 40 and I'm not too far behind then they all fall down like toy soldiers. LOL And Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. 
No bank holidays up in this piece and I'm not into Columbus anyway. I am into book talk, and that happens here tomorrow. It's the two year anniversary of Show Us Your Books with me & Jana and there will be prizes! 

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Linking up with Biana at B Loved Boston for Weekending


  1. That hair gadget - I like that a lot.
    I am happy to hear the appreciation you have for local small businesses.
    Seems like a great weekend.

  2. I'm with you on supporting local vendors and shops - makes you feel good about spending money!! Your girl talk sounds like there were a lot of laughs!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love shopping at bazaars and craft fairs. Definitely one of my favorite fall activities (they pop up everywhere!) and I feel much better about spending the money.

  4. Between your pictures and your mom's, I so wished I was there. Even in the rain, it looked like such fun. I wish we had something like that in Rehoboth. I'd totally go.

  5. A glorious weekend! So glad I was there and drove down in the light and home in the light, said me, the old person! LOL! I really do not like driving at night! I could have eaten and spent much more on Sunday, so it was for the best it was yucky! So glad I put my toes in the ocean on Saturday night. OCNJ is like home to me! There's no place like home! Dreams come true! Thanks again for a beautiful time with you girls!!! Love, Your Momma!!!

  6. oh man, that book is the one I want to read next. I'll be waiting to see what you think of it.
    I can't believe your mom didn't get the "I love Hip Hop" keychain.. she let me down. Pretty sure that one can never have too many ceramic Christmas trees. I'm waiting to go to a Paint N Sip that hasn't sold out already.

  7. I'm all about supporting local vendors too! Some of my favorite places to go here in my town are small businesses. They all have the best food!

  8. Nice score on the Christmas Trees! My mother in law just scored me another to add to the collection. I *may* have a problem, but I'll deal with it after I go to the clay cage and make my own. Just one more, I swear.
    Just picked up The Couple Next Door- I'm looking forward to devouring it whole today. Can't wait to see what you think of it!

    1. I love the Christmas Trees. I have a problem too!

      I enjoyed The Couple Next Door. A fast and fucked up read.

  9. haha that toy soldiers song reference. i love supporting local vendors. sometimes i wish their prices weren't as high but i get it.

  10. You got so much great stuff! I love the tie-dye hoodie. I'm making pork tenderloin this week for the first time ever. I'm a little nervous!

  11. That hair clip/comb thing - I'm confused. It is 2 combs? Like a banana clip? I'm curious now.
    For $1 & personalized? I'd be doing christmas gifts galore with those babies.

  12. What a fun weekend! You guys were busy busy! I love love love ceramic Christmas trees!! Those look so similar to the one that my mom painted in her ceramics class back in the 80s.

  13. Sucks that it rained during the block party but glad you had fun and that keychain is cute!

  14. Your Friday sounds like perfection, and how fun is that block party! I miss ceramic Christmas trees - great find :-D

  15. Have you seen these mugs from Brim Papery? Saw the keychain and seems like the mug belongs in your collection :) They also have a black with white writing :)

  16. Your weekend was packed!!! Waking up to that view sounds amazing. I love the little Christmas trees you picked up!

  17. Your shore weekends always sound so fun and relaxing! I love that the people you love visit you there and go adventuring with you!

  18. A block party looks like/sounds like so much fun! Cute christmas trees! :)

  19. That block party sounds like so much fun, and I love how the rain didn't stop y'all from having a good time! Your Sunday sounds a whole lot like mine, a whole lot of house work and being at home!

  20. Oh how I love those ceramic Christmas trees . . . I have mine from my childhood but I'd love to find a smaller one to join him! I've never seen them at a craft fair or I would have scooped it up! How fun!

  21. You girls did it up this weekend packing your days full of fun and adventure! Friday even started fabulous getting to work from home/the shore. Lol @ the "I love hip hop" key-chain for your mom! As humorous as it is, I'm sure she'd get some awkward stares.

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  23. Looks like it was an absolutely jam packed weekend but so much fun stuff! Your hoodie reminds me of sherbet (in the best way) and now I want it! haha Happy birthday to your friend!!!

  24. So is the underwear flag the equivalent of no boys allowed??? Also, Drip N Scoop needs to serve ice cream. That's where my mind goes at least. ;)


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