Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: vacation countdown

1. Allow me to remind you that I once had a Pete Rose haircut, wore short things, and posed with pumpkins. Basic bitch from 1977 on. My mom always posts throwbacks on Instagram. Follow her here.

2. Is there anyone out there who has everything they need before a long trip and has to buy absolutely nothing? If so, I want to meet you. Call me. And by call me I mean text me, of course. Also, is there anyone who has figured out how to beam their dogs wherever they are? I want in on that too.

3. Jana and I saw Jodi Picoult at the library! She has great energy and is very engaging and talked a lot about the conversation on race we desperately need in this country but fear having on a lot of levels. I appreciated her honesty and frankness. I bought a copy of her newest, Small Great Things, and I can't wait to read it...but it's heavy so I'm not hauling it to Ireland and it's signed so even if I did haul it I couldn't leave it behind there which is my M.O. on trips. Local friends, check out Author Events at the Free Library - some are free, some tickets cost $15 or $30. There's usually a book signing to accompany it but not everyone does photos so it was awesome that she did. They have an eclectic and impressive roster of writers in.
4. We walked out of the library and I was enamored by this little urban arty thing affixed to the light pole.
5. Center City has been feeling a little edgier lately, so I took an uber to the train station. My uber driver was old, listened to smooth jazz, and drove a pickup truck. Every time I have to take the train home late, I feel like I'm in the bus station scene from Adventures in Babysitting. As I was sitting there waiting on a train Tuesday night, trying to keep my eye on all the people around me and googling an image to use here, I came upon the perfect one...from my own blog last year. LOL. I guess I am perpetually Brenda in the Bus Station.

6. I did the thing: 10 full days and two half travel days packed into a 21 inch carry on. I'll report back on how this goes.
7. My brother is house and dogsitting for us while we're on vacation. Sorry for the blurriness but Mae is quite pleased.

8. Just in case you were thinking your candidate is going to win so you don't need to vote. Obviously this is skewed the way I like it but the same applies to all elected positions at all times. Tinfoil hat your vote doesn't matter conspiracy theorists, I'm not entertaining you at this time.

9. Reminder. Anything that's in your life is there until you let it go, and you are responsible for what stays and what goes.

10.  E-card of the week: Right about here right now.

Hit me with yours.

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  1. Extra lights and Angels for all to go well on your trip and here on the home 🏡 front.
    Amen on all you mentioned on this blog. Insomnia again. Been awake since 4:39.
    Goddess speed to all. Love. Your. Momma

  2. LOVE Adventures in Babysitting.
    I'll take one of the dog-beaming things when you figure it out.
    I feel that way about moving (the way you feel about buying things for vacation) always have to buy a million things you thought you'd never have to.

  3. I still haven't sent her my questions. Oh, well.

    Someone (who is a Trump supporter) asked me if I was voting after I turned on my heel and walked away when her husband proudly announced that he was moving to Canada if Hillary wins. OF COURSE I AM VOTING. I can't let people like you win.

  4. Awww Baby Steph is cute!! I definitely feel like we end up buying all the little things before going on vacation... and still inevitably forget things. I flew up to Chicago yesterday for a meeting today. Forgot my make up. I decided to just wing it... but I was definitely mad when I figured it out.... which was about the time that we were halfway to the airport. That Vera Bradley bag has been everything for me. It's GREAT for travel. Perfect size for everything I need to carry on... I've even been using it on my short trips lately. (Of course... I've been forgetting things... so, you know...) And yes... PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE. That's my biggest fear... is that the news will convince people to stay home (because they are stupid) and then... CHAOS.

  5. I'm 100000000% voting no matter who is up in the polls. #notTrump
    Congrats on the carry on feat--teach me your ways because I dont think I could do it!

  6. bahahahaha 'Basic bitch from 1977 on'.
    seriously to #2. i'm always like okay, i need nothing! i am prepared! then i buy 75 things and have to pay for expedited shipping which is always annoying. i wish you could take your dogs with you. i would not enjoy travelling with my cats, though i make my brother in law send me snaps when we travel and it always makes us smile.. like screw you eiffel tower look at this video of my cats rolling around! ha.
    i absolutely love that you all met Jodi Picoult. I'm not a hardcore fan but I've read a few of her books (i have that one on my kindle from netgalley and yeah, too heavy to pick up yet, waiting for the right time) and liked all of them. i will have to see if my library does anything like this, they probably don't, so i will just have to travel to your library!
    look at you with your carry on!! cannot wait for the report back on how it went (i get WAY too excited for things like that).

  7. Sometimes it shocks me when I see an author. Picoult is so young- for some reason I imagined her older! (I've never read her books- that mental image is based on absolutely nothing.)
    Every time we go on vacation I tell K that we're bringing the dogs on the next one (even though it's never doable.) It's great that your brother is staying with the pups, though!!
    Have a super fantastic fun vacation!!

  8. I would love some insight on how to avoid the pre-trip shopping trip because I've never managed to to it myself. That art thing attached to the light pole is really cool, I want to stare at it for hours and see what I can find, like a giant 3D 'I SPY' book!

  9. That's really cute that your mom 1) uses IG, and 2) that she posts flashback photos. - Adorable. :) So cool to hear Jodi Picoult speak!! Lol on that meme... that's how I felt in downtown Seattle when we visited! :P Um, this trip sounds amazing, and I am going to have to get over here for recaps sometime! We are working out details for a future Europe trip, and so I'm a little tunnel visioned... over excited about everyone else's trips! :) Hope the packing works out! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. I'm about halfway through, with Small Great Things. (it was an ARC) .. I was really engrossed at first, and then I started to whine about the way it was written, and I gave up. BUT I just talked about it at work with another book lover and I feel like I owe it to Jodi, to soldier on. I love all of her books and this one can't be the exception. I won't allow it. : ) I secretly stalk your mom's IG. But I might as well just follow her now.

  11. packing light even for long travel is the only way to do it; screw carrying loads of luggage - that's what laundromats are for. when we went to italy for nearly 4 weeks, we had all of our stuff in ONE luggage and did laundry along the way. happy travels!!!!

  12. If there is anyone that is 100% prepared before a trip & has everything they need I'd also like to meet them, & hire them as my life coach. I'm impressed that you packed for all of those days in a 21 in carry on. I definitely can't wait to hear how that goes. And if well, I'll need tips...

  13. Safe and happy travels, Steph! Looking forward to the pictures. Nice job, packing ninja!

  14. I feel like I buy more things getting READY for a vacation then I ever would any other time for anything else.
    I know you are so excited & counting down!!!

  15. I love that you reference Pete Rose, and that totally is a Pete Rose haircut. Met that guy when I was really young. Cannot believe you met Jodi Picoult! She's one of my favorites! Excited to read her new book.

  16. Oh the horror of the train station after rush hour. Its like a different country. Weirdos everywhere. I will take the commuting weirdos over the late station weirdos any day. Grand Central station was the worst. Although the people watching was AMAZING! Have a great trip and don't forget the nail clippers!

  17. Have a great vacation! That's awesome you met Jodi Piccoult; I read Nineteen Minutes YEARS ago and it was so intense...The Pact, too. Oh- and people not voting scares me - especially if they're dems/HRC fans. I hear it a lot in NY, "whatever, we're a blue state - it doesn't matter." YES IT FUCKING DOES.

  18. Reagan is my favorite president of all time. But I get your point :) I voted! Yay for early voting and not having to deal with people.
    Always love the Pete Rose hair.
    Super excited to see how the 10+ days in a carry on goes. I think it'll be great but I always love people's follow up posts on the topic, it's fascinating to see what everyone brings.

  19. HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON YOUR TRIP! Hope you're overwhelmed with all the emotions and have the best time (and no worries back home because the pups are in good hands!)

  20. Ahhh it has been forever since I have seen or thought about Adventures in Babysitting! I love that movie! Your packing game is strong! Though I am totally the one who has to run out and buy something that I forgot last minute. Always. So cool you guys got to see Jodi and get a signed book and a picture!

  21. Like I said on Insta, so jealous you got to meet JP! Looove her! Oregon is mail-in only voting, and since yesterday was HRC's birthday and my own, I made sure to fill in that bubble yesterday because I thought it was fitting. I do worry that people won't vote and it will end up with disastrous consequences.

  22. I have to go shopping for some things to even take a weekend trip, so no. That person does not exist.

    I am SO JEALOUS of your meeting Jodi! She was in NYC on release day and tickets were only $35 and I wanted to go see her so bad...but I had a conflict :( I can't wait to read Small Great Things either, but I always abandon life until I finish her books and I need to meet a few deadlines first, haha.

    The "your vote doesn't count" crowd needs a lesson in math—that's the conclusion I always come to. You need to vote even in order for you to be part of the mass crowd that crowds out your vote, or whatever the hell ridiculous way people justify not voting. It's absurd. And also, they forget things like OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS and local measures on the ballot, for which their votes are certainly needed.

    Have a GREAT trip. Safe travels!

  23. I really think that this election has gotten everybody on both sides so worked up that a ton of people are early voting. It's been the highest number of early voting in Texas so far I think. And hooray for getting all of your things for your trip in one bag! I hope that it works out well for you, and I hope that you have the best time on your trip!

  24. Have a wonderful time on your trip. That is so impressive you were able to pack for so many days in a such a small suitcase. I'm not that good. :) And Hell yes am I planning to vote. And it's not just Trump I'm pissed at, but I am so sick and tired of hearing Republicans say they are automatically going to deny her supreme court nominees and so on. It just makes my eyes start twitching. The picture of you as a toddler - priceless.

  25. I never have ANYTHING when I'm about to go on vacation. And I am SO SO SO jealous you met Jodi Picoult. I have read and own every book of hers EXCEPT that brand new bad boy you just got signed. I've been making myself not buy it because... budgets and crap. But I don't know if I can wait any longer ;)

  26. Have so much fun on vacation! Also, I overbuy things before vacation... I hate unpacking at the end and realizing I didn't need a bunch of stuff. Getting everything into that carry on is impressive. Best of luck!

  27. OMG! Could you be any cuter as a kid? I love Jodi Picoult's books so jealous you got to meet her!

    Have an awesome vacation!

  28. Oh my goodness, have a great time on your trip! I cannot wait to see all of your pictures. I actually didn't need to buy anything when I went to Europe other then goodies for everyone else. I successfully packed everything that I needed. I was surprised. But I also left myself like three different lists. AHHHHHHHH you got to see Jodi! I love her and her books and have yet to see her. I was always either working or this year? The event in Seattle was when I was in Europe. Of course. But I bought her book when I was in Paris. It's a paperback, UK edition and pretty neat looking. So I had to have it. I love, love, love what you said about voting. Have my ballot. Turning it in tomorrow so I'll be completely done and early! And no. I'm not voting for Trump. Oh hell no.


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