Monday, June 20, 2016

twtw - the one with the dads

Low-key Friday night: MFD grilled, we ate outside, and watched two episodes of the new season of Orange is the New Black.
Saturday morning breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe in South Philly with my girls Amanda, Michelle, and Amelia. I got the pork roll benedict: pork roll and cheese on white toast topped with eggs and spicy ketchup. It was delicious.
When I got home, I finished a book (Since She Went Away) and started another (Murder in Missoula, finished that Sunday afternoon) outside while waiting for the dryer repair people. The never ending saga of this asshole dryer has my laundry piled up because one only has so much room to hang it like an old time washer woman. A part has been ordered and it should be fixed by Tuesday. If it breaks again someone must die. Nails are Sunday Funday by Essie.
Saturday afternoon was my cousin Ashley's graduation party. She graduated with many honors and activities and is on to life at Penn State main. We're all very proud of her! During the party, I dealt remotely with a screen door issue at the shore...for the zillionth time in the past month. These screen doors are killing me.
Saturday night MFD was at a meeting and I was home alone to catch a nice sunset. Before I headed upstairs for the night, I heard a bang so armed with a knife and my phone ready to call 911, I went to investigate...the uh, soap holder fell. I felt like a well-prepared knife-wielding lunatic.
Sunday morning reading outside followed by changing sheets which the dogs got on immediately. I also started going through my drawers and purging clothes. The spare bedroom looks like a disaster right now as I work my way through.
Sunday was Father's Day and my Mom's actual 60th birthday. I'll see Mom and Rich on Tuesday night for Mom's birthday dinner.
Sunday afternoon MFD and I visited his dad and family, then headed to Stephen & Aubrey's to see my Dad and share a delicious meal around the beautiful table Aubrey and her Dad built. Last I checked, MFD was trying to commission one. It was a lovely evening outside. I love weekends where I can see my precious perfect niece two days in a row.
Weekly food prep
1 - Breakfast is egg muffins with asparagus and cheese with a side of
2 - power breakfast muffins from the freezer
3 - Lunch is shredded buffalo chicken from the freezer combined with quinoa, goat cheese, baby spinach, and grape tomatoes
4 - Caprese skewers for Sunday dinner contribution
Dinner out for my Mom's birthday Tuesday. Quinoa pasta with red sauce and salads the rest of the week.
 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
Today, it's officially summer. And it feels like it. 

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png

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  1. If I'm home alone - I'm exactly the same way with sounds lol! You had a jam packed and fun weekend of activities!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Best birthday celebrations of my life. Superb 60's! All on Instagram. Lol ! So lucky to be born in the beautiful month of June. Usually near perfect weather in my book! I am glad you took the knife to investigate the noise.
    Another beauty of a day. Very grateful. Summer solstice and full moon on tap. Harness that good energy!
    Love. Your. Momma !

  3. I'm jealous you finished two book, the two books I picked up at the library this week are 500 pagers. It's going to take me an extra day or so to finish those bad boys.

    So many father's to celebrate, that's really awesome.

  4. Your niece is so adorable! I'm glad you got to spend so much time with family this weekend...and that you were only under attack from the soap holder. :)

  5. When K travels I sleep with a kitchen knife (in its sheath) under my pillow. Haha!
    My dogs always sit at the end of the bed while I change it and as soon as the final blanket goes on you see their little butts wiggle, waiting for the "ok" to jump up and settle in. Haha!

  6. hahaha I do the EXACT same thing when i hear something when I'm in the house. I'm just glad you documented the near call by screenshotting it. I finished a book this weekend in 2 days and started a new one and thought you would be proud! congrats to your cousin.
    so nice that you both got to spend time with your Dads!

  7. I hear a weird noise? My phone is always ready with 911 dialed in ready to hit the GO button :)
    Love your dress you are wearing with your dad.
    I gotta catch up on season 2 so I can get with OITNB .. I keep hearing people freaking out about this season.

  8. I am exactly that way when I am home alone and hear a strange noise! Especially now that I have Kyra at the house and just the two of us.

    I love Sunday Funday by Essie! Such a pretty color

  9. Aw, that was me starting at PSU..."several" years ago. Sigh.

    Your dogs didn't bark at the loud noise?? Mine wake me up at least once a night because leaves blow around outside.

    I haven't tried quinoa pasta yet. I'm curious about it.

  10. That breakfast you had sounds amazing! Congrats to your cousin, so smart :) I had to LOL at the soap holder that fell. I have prematurely dialed 911 to have ready because I heard a noise too. At least you think on your feet and were prepared! I hope you dryer doesn't commit suicide for you anytime soon. Damn appliances.

  11. Looks like another great, full weekend. The caprese salad is really calling my name. I actually was thinking about whether I should add it to my upcoming meal plan and now seeing your pics - it's on the menu. You can never go wrong with tomatoes and mozzarella in my book!

  12. AHHH, I haven't had time to start the new OITNB yet. Can't wait to binge watch!

  13. I am in purge mode myself . . . if it's not nailed down, it may just get donated! It feels soooo good to let stuff go! Glad the perp was soap dish and not an actual perp!

  14. Hooray for a great weekend at home with lots of family time! I was able to get a lot of reading done this weekend too and it felt so great! I also love that nail polish color! So pretty and perfect for summer!

  15. Sunday Funday is my favorite Essie color! I'm only a 3 episodes into OITNB, but it's already off to a better start than it was last season. And LOL I'm the same way when I'm home alone, it's usually a tree branch that falls on the roof or my razor falling in the shower. Glad it was just a soap dish!

  16. Your Friday night sounds perfect just relaxing at home before all the different celebrations over the weekend and getting to see your neice twice. Sounds like a nice weekend other than when adulting goes haywire with broken appliances and such.

  17. What a great photo of you and your dad! As far as organizing goes, it always a disaster before you can get organized-haha

  18. love that nail polish color and the dogs, so adorable!!! as usual, all your food looks amazing. happy summer!

  19. What a great weekend! I started OITNB too; I'm 4 episodes in. I have to ration it, lol.

  20. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Full of sun and family. LOL to the knife wielder. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have walked around a dark house by myself with a "weapon" (that I'm sure if anything ever happened would instantly be used against me) because I heard a noise, haha. Half the reason we own the dog is for the security of the fact that he will bark and help me go exploring less. BATTLE OF THE PARENTS with the joint Father's Day/Birthday :) I'm sure dinner tonight will be great. All these pics make me want a backyard.

  21. hahaha the other night we heard a noise and KC grabbed his gun box thing (the holder case thingy, not the gun itself, he was just going to hit them over the head with it) and i had my phone ready with 911.... it wasn't the soap holder, it was his laptop - his headphones had come out and the sound was on really low but it sounded far away and it was all very embarrassing haha.
    that table looks amazing! i want one too.


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