Monday, June 6, 2016

TWTW - the one that was half here half gone

the half at the shore
1 - Caught magic hour coming over the bridge into Ocean City
2 - I love reading what people write in the guest book.
3 - Cleaned. Clearly thrilled. The fact that renters move shit all around is bad for my orderly mind.
4 - Saw the infamous cracked toilet in person. How in the fuck this even happens, I don't know. That gets replaced Tuesday.
1 - Got up before 5 a.m. to ride my bike up and have coffee on the beach.
2 - Even with no sunrise, it's my favorite time on the beach.
1 - When the holes in the efficiency bath ceiling were repaired, half the wall was primed over
2 - I am on a first name basis with the Sherwin Williams woman across the street
3 - Wore a hat to avoid hair just ended up everywhere else
4 - Finished product
1 - Bought flowers up on 34th Street and planted them while the kids renting the house behind me jumped on the roof of the house next to me and offered me Budweisers. 
2 - This here is a prunewich: a breakfast sandwich on freaking donuts. From The Fractured Prune.
3 - I also tried strawberry iceD tea. ICED TEA. Not ice tea.
4 - I earned two hours of beach reading.

the half at home
1 - Celebrated my brother Stephen's 33rd birthday
2 - Dog time
3 - Painted my nails in Re-teal Therapy
4 - Trolled Homegoods
5 - Spent a zillion hours in Target, I can't understand why
6 - Thought this would be a bad idea but he made it to the shore with the bike box intact
Not pictured: running everything through the dryer 208409 times (need to get a professional vent cleaner out), paying bills, changing sheets, picking up the house, blah blah hausfrauing at home
Weekly food prep
1 - Breakfast is actually chicken from a rotisserie (I hate wasting food) and mango with a side of
3 - Lunch is baked pesto chicken over quinoa, thanks to AEB for pointing me to the original recipe
4 - One-ish pan chicken dinner (recipe coming tomorrow)
Basically, by the end of the week I'll probably BE a chicken. 

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
Where are my summer readers? I've got one for you that releases today! I'm really excited for my fellow blogger Micah from Unabashedly Me on the publication of her new book Dropped Third Strike, the first in her Portland Pioneers series. I think most of us have a book in us, but not many of us have the discipline to make it a reality. Way to go Micah! And this is actually her second novel. Girl knows how to work.
What it's about:
Kate Marks is hitting it out of the park as general manager of the Portland Pioneers. Her childhood friend Reid Benjamin is struggling to hit anything at all and, as a result, has suddenly found himself out of a job. When Kate hires him as hitting coach for the Pioneers, she's determined to keep everything strictly professional, but she has underestimated Reid's charm. His proximity has forced her to face a past she would rather forget. Reid wants another chance, but Kate isn't convinced he's changed his game.

You can buy this e-book on Amazon and see it here on Goodreads. I pre-ordered my copy, it seems like the perfect beach read for me in between my normal psycho/serial killer books. 

And you can find Micah here:

This is a full but short week for me. Let's do it. 

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png

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Weekly Wrap Up


  1. You were up before 5?! Yikes, I'm impressed! Sounds like your weekend was all the better for it though. You fitted a lot in. And... please explain to me how you managed to get a cracked toilet!? I hope this wasn't a renter related incident.

    The prunewich looks amazing but a bit tricky to eat. I don't think I'd let that stop me, though!

  2. A cracked toilet...I dont think I've ever heard of that happening!! The plants outside the shore house look great!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Seriously. That 5am view on the beach absolutely makes my day. Your weekends are my new standard for my future weekends. Have a great week!

  4. You get so much done every weekend--it always impresses me. Love the bathroom look and color! I hadn't heard of the donut breakfast sandwich but I've heard of fractured prune (we actually rented the space right next door to that place 2 years ago I think). I may have to try it...or maybe not since i'll be needing to wear a bathing suit afterwards lol

  5. I totally understand the pull of getting up early to enjoy that time on the beach. Whenever I travel to somewhere near the ocean or lake I will always prioritize to wake up early enough at least one day if not all to experience that. My friends think I'm nuts for it, but there's something so calming and peaceful - it's almost magical. Even when there isn't some grandiose sunrise.

  6. I have zero idea how a crack like that made it into your toilet. Fascinating. And nonsense. I love the blue color though. The flowers look damn good as well. I need to find my books and my kindle. Was thinking about that last night as I settled into bed. I can't find a lot of things right now... which leaves me in the same state as you after renters move your stuff. I thought I had everything perfectly packed and organized too... which makes it worse for me.

  7. The cracked toilet... Definitely something that falls into the category of "Things that make you go hmmm..." Who knows how it happened and, thing is, you probably don't want to know! Although I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, I can certainly see the appeal of getting up early to have the beach to yourself. Have a good one!

  8. how does one crack the toilet like that?????

  9. too tight bolt in the toilet seat?
    soon you can do a regular post on renter woes, sort of like septa woes...

  10. How the heck did the toilet crack like that? I have never seen that before. That is so crazy. Love that nail color,it's so pretty. And of course, I love the name. Re-teal therapy, ahhaha

  11. The beach before sunrise picture is amazing!

  12. I like reading guest books at places I stay, it's always interesting to hear about someone else's trip.

    I like the blue in the bathroom, very relaxing.

  13. I find it odd to hear you say "kids" are offering you budweisers when you are my "kid" lol. A very efficient weekend and lovely that you made time for the beach! My favorite month has provided us with a beauty of a day today. Sunblock yourselves!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  14. "My normal psycho/serial killer books" - I can relate. Everything I read lately is weird or depressing. I need something light. The toilet breakage is somewhat impressive. "Ice" tea is a pet peeve of mine...

  15. That crack is no joke! I love the blue color you picked for the bathroom. I'm also really digging those railing planters.

  16. Your beach and sunrise/sunset photos never get old for me.

  17. An egg in between 2 donuts. Oh my gosh. Never thought to do that. Can't do that - ALL THE CALORIES!
    OK - it took me a second on the iced tea. I was like, Huh? Didn't notice the D not being there. I think I'd be horrible at Where's Waldo too.
    I didnt even know toilets could crack like that.

  18. That cracked toilet is crazy... And I'm so amused by your ornery neighbors offering you beer and roof-hopping. Hahaha! Love that color in the bathroom! (Although the name of the paint makes me imagine a long, southern plantation-style porch with the ceiling painted blue to offset the white columns. Hahaha!)

  19. How adorable is that dog time pic! And holy crappers at the crack in the toilet, that will go down in unsolved mysteries for sure. And that view as you came over the bridge is gorgeous! Cheers to a great week <3

  20. Love the bathroom color, the nail color, the beach time. Don't love the cleaning and the cracked toilet. And yes, you will be turning into a chicken any day now.

  21. 5 am is is early but so worth it for that view!! and that cracked toilet seriously! how does that happen!

  22. The prunewich sandwich looks intriguing. I've seen similar sandwiches before but never tried them. I'm more savory than sweet but it does feel like it's the kind of sandwich you have to try once!

  23. Beaching, Homegoods, breakfast sandwiches that consist of donuts..those are a few of my favorite things!!! I am sitting here scratching my head looking at that toilet. Did they drop a beer bottle on it? lol

  24. I love the shade of blue in the bathroom.

    How the hell did the toilet crack like that?!?

    You made me look like a lazy hag this weekend despite biking almost 50 kilometers yesterday. Instead of cleaning Saturday, I drank a litre of sangria and was a hot but happy mess. ;-)

  25. That sucks that your tenants moved stuff around so much, but I bet that would be awesome to go back and read what they wrote about the house and the experiences that they had. How in the world do you crack a toilet seat???

  26. what? how did that toilet even get cracked?! and why are renters moving shit around? rude. haha. the colour you painted the bathroom is really pretty. congrats to micah, i'll add that book to my list, and her others - what an accomplishment.
    we are the worst at wasting food when it comes to rotisserie chickens. both KC and I only eat white meat, so the dark meat goes to waste. i know, we are horrible people.

  27. That's a great idea to put a guest book at the shore house to get feedback. That crack in the toilet is definitely a mysterious thing. Sounds like a lovely little getaway. Your brother must be born the same year as me...happy birthday to him!

  28. Is there a window in the bathroom that the person could've been standing on the toilet to look out of? Only logical explanation I can think of.
    I dig the nail polish.
    I spy Virgil Flowers.

  29. oh man, i bet it's a hassle always having different people in your home moving stuff! Getting up before 5 and riding your bike to the shore to watch the sunrise (or when it typically happens, ha), is amazing and I love it. I wish I could get up that early a little easier. Happy birthday to your bro!

  30. I agree: most of us will never get that book out. It takes a special person with a certain kind of discipline!

    If I were on the beach before 5am, I'd need HOT coffee :)

    I feel like the only thing that would do that to a toilet seat would be an actual earthquake.

  31. I love the fact that you HAVE a guestbook! I always sign them, and like to see where everyone else came from. Do you ever worry about your renters jumping on your roof? That would give me sleepless nights. Also, are you still doing that nail polish challenge? Love that color. Happy birthday to your bro!

  32. Is that a plastic toilet? Otherwise how does that crack? My friend once broke our toilet seat, but not the actual toilet haha. That beach looks so relaxing. I love when there's no one else on the beach. Ours is always packed, but maybe not before sunrise. I spent a zillion hours in Target yesterday. I was off and it was a Monday so there wasn't the normal swarm of people like on the weekend.


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