Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer is a promissory note signed in June

Via - $10 Amazon gift card to the first person to tell me why I used this photo to open this post
Friday people in the house. We've made it through the short but perilous week following the first three day weekend of unofficial summer. Let's give ourselves a collective round of applause.

June has always been the harbinger of good tidings - the end of school, longer days, more light, flowers in bloom, the opening of pools, the return of lightening bugs. It's also always the month my family spent a week at the shore so even though I no longer do that, it always screams vacation to me. June is a reliable old broad who still shows up with her arms full of gifts.

This week, the birthdays of my two Kims, my brother Stephen, and Jana (1, 5, 4, and 5 respectively). Later in the month, Michelle, my two cousins, and a big one for my mom this year: 60. We'll be celebrating her at the shore next weekend. And of course we celebrate the Dads this month as well for Father's Day.
I'm also going to get my Philly on this month, and report back here on visits to Magic Gardens, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Liberty Observation Deck.

Jana and I will be rendezvousing with our booknerd friends on June 14 for the next installment of Show Us Your Books.
What I'm not doing? Adding any more books to my library request list. Aside from reading my current library books and any that come in because I'm not playing with fire, I'll be reading books I already have - either sitting on a shelf at home, or sitting on my kindle already downloaded. Do you guys have any books sitting around that you just haven't read? Maybe June can be the month you work through them! I'm joining Dani and Erin for the Read My Books Challenge and will finally get some of my shelf sitters into the read column. I don't really enjoy book challenges, but this one seems good to long as I can ignore the seductive call of the library request list.
Sara and I are hosting our seasonal goal link up for summer goals on Friday, June 17. If you have a summer bucketlist, I hope you join us.
Life According to Steph
And music. There's a quote from Outer Banks by Anne Rivers Siddons that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's something about our music flowing like wine through the late spring. This month MFD and I will see Dolly Parton together and Paul Simon with Stephen and Aubrey. I cannot wait.
Thanks in advance, June, for your bountiful blessings. I hope you have some good stuff on your calendars. Anything this weekend?

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  1. Lots to celebrate in June for you which is fun!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Seeing Paul Simon here in Chicago, too!

  3. Ever since June became wedding anniversary month, it's been something to look forward to. This weekend is BBQ and next weekend is the ATX TV festival (you're a FNL fan, right? So I can send you incessant pics from inside the Panther fieldhouse? I need someone to nerd out with!) However, it is the start of disgustingly hot weather in Houston and I never look forward to wanting to spend every waking moment indoors with AC. So much good stuff for you and I'm so excited for you to really get to break in the shore house with family and truly reap the rewards of all of your hard work!

    1. I am beyond jealous that you get to go inside the Panther fieldhouse. I read that on your blog but when I commented I left that part out lol. I wish I was still going to be in TX over the summer.

  4. i like the way you described june - a reliable old broad who still shows up with her arms full of gifts. i love june. it's like my favourite month in america for sure. also, i'm not playing with fire if any library books come in as well, though i will try and avoid it. i've been dwindling my list down any way because of the vacation coming up, i didn't want any books to be ready for me while i was away or whatever.
    i have no idea about the picture! but feel free to tell me :)

  5. June has so much to celebrate! I have 4 books that I got for Christmas that I was dying to read & then just never got around to. I have them all packed up with me & plan on tackling them as soon as I get back to MN & officially start my summer vacation.

  6. I get to celebrate the end of school again this June only this time as a parent, it's not any less exciting just because I got old. :)

    I'm not adding new requests to my library list but I don't want to cancel my already on holds, of course they'll all show up this month because that's how the book fairy works.

  7. I need to asses my bookshelves and read what I have too. We're driving down for my nephew's graduation tonight and tomorrow my in-laws are throwing a big party to celebrate my brother-in-law's promotion. Lots of family time this weekend... so I guess that's part of the start of summer too?

  8. I have always been extremely happy to have a June birthday. Back in the day Xmas and birthdays were the only gift times. So at least I had some new winter and summer clothes. I love June weather. Best of both worlds. My birthday, always around Father's Day , is on Father's Day this year. What a gift I was to my dad lol! It's a dream come true to spend next weekend celebrating me at my Stephanie's beach house. I am so elated. And before the major crowds. Grateful to infinity and beyond for my wonder-full life!
    Carpe every Diem. Love. Your. Momma.

  9. Minus the humidity here, this post has me super excited for June too! Lots of great things going on!

  10. It's funny that you mentioned lightning bugs...I used to LOVE chasing around and catching lightning bugs in the summer as a kid in Arkansas. I definitely associate those guys with summer. Since I've been in Texas, I haven't noticed lightning bugs until really recently. Austin has had a ton of lightning bugs this month. I feel like that means it's gonna be a good summer :)

  11. So many birthdays this month for you! My best friend, my older dog, and my future sister-in-law all have b-days this month, too. I'm not a fan of summer so June always reminds me that the HEAT and HUMIDITY are just starting... ugh. Oh well. We just got some patio furniture, so I should just stop complaining and go enjoy it. Haha.

  12. Sigh. Can't figure out why the pic, but did enjoy watching the "Woman Woman" Poem again. Love the title. June and the start of summer are always the best, especially since summer is my favorite season (minus the humidity). Lots to celebrate this month- enjoy!

  13. You have such a busy June coming up, but it'll be so much fun! I'm going to try and read only books that I have sitting on my shelf this month too for Erin's challenge, and I literally have to tell myself no when I want to start looking through Barnes & Noble's website.

  14. I love June too for all of these reasons (minus spending a month at the shore--that I'm envious of!) End of school is still a bit away but it's IN this month so that's mega exciting. Can't wait to hear more about your Philly adventures!

  15. I love visiting all the touristy things in our area. So fun you are doing that! I am going to plow through my Netgalley list this month for the challenge. I have got to close out some of these. Three or four already archived. My bad. Have a great weekend!

  16. Happy to see a goals linkup!
    I'm taking it one month at a time. June projects are well underway though.
    It's a heavy birthday month for my family too.

  17. You're going to have a great June! My in-laws' shore house is empty next week and I have two days off, so I'm going down for four days all by myself. I plan to bring 8 books and read and drink coffee the whole time. Going to take some suggestions from you and Jana!

  18. Is that pic from I married an ax murderer? Please reveal :).

  19. June sounds busy and FUN!
    Right now June is busy for me too; school is coming to a close, so of course the kids' schools are cramming in everyrrrything. All that means is a lot more for this mama, but it's all good, I got this. :)
    I'm hoping June is going to be nicer than May.

  20. June is always a beautiful month for me. It is so welcome this year, though very different from Junes of my past.


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