Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - people are people

1. Any questions? A lot of them died this week for no reason. I don't have questions, but I have feelings. I'm tired. I'm sick of trying to think of ways to combat fear and hate. I'm sick of the sudden experts on guns (honestly? everyone shove your guns up your fucking ass and just stop it for a minute) and terrorism and religion and mental illness and a host of other subjects. I'm sick of everyone ripping each other to shreds - newsflash - none of us are the smartest people in the world so let's step down the pontificating on both sides. I'm sick of people hating other people based on gross generalizations. I'm sick of people saying don't politicize this or make it about sexuality - every fucking thing about the lives of LGBTQ people has been politicized, from who they should love to where they can marry to when they can donate blood to where they can pee - you better believe shooting them up in one of their community's safe places is going to be politicized, as it should be...because allowing a hateful society to perpetuate manifests in this way. Mostly I'm sick of us offering thoughts and prayers and going about our days. Thoughts and prayers are beautiful things but they don't change the world. Action does. That requires us to participate in our government, to make phone calls and write letters and demonstrate, to push for what we want. To say ENOUGH. To get our eyes off of screens and turned outward into the world. To remember that life is not to be lived on social media. To have real conversations, hard conversations, with each other. To look each other in the eye and really see each other. To not accept mass shootings as the norm in this country when they are not the norm anywhere else in the civilized world. To respect each other, to be kind when we can be, and most of all to mind our own fucking business when people who live lifestyles different than us but not harmful to themselves or others are living in ways that we don't agree with. To not forget these victims (photos from this album on facebook). To not forget any of the victims because we are so focused on the killer.

2. I actually felt represented as a constituent yesterday with the Senate floor filibuster. Thanks Senator Casey from PA for joining. I feel like these people are working for once.

3.  Why do you do this, HomeGoods? Whyyyy.
4. The most expensive dog of the week award goes to...Mae. Vet visit Tuesday for vomiting all over the house for six days in a row with a scan and bloodwork + dental work with anesthesia on Wednesday. Who wants to hire one of these dogs to do something? They need to start earning money.
5. I worked from home yesterday finishing out a year+ huge project and cleared a bunch of other shit off of my plate with zero interruptions. I love doing that. MFD delivered lunch to me, I got to talk to the vet about Mae, I took a break outside, and I dealt with a dryer that's still not working a month and a half after it was "fixed" and after spending additional money on professional vent cleaning. Next up: sledgehammer.
6. Summer Concert Series #1 Fail: I missed Dolly Parton last night. I had to give my tickets away. Mae's dental surgery was behind so I couldn't pick her up until after 7:45. Rage does not begin to cover it.

7. Instead of going to Dolly last night, I cleaned out my closets and hung clothes to dry all over the basement like a washer woman and listened to the filibuster. Sing it with me: she likes to lead the Glamorous Life

8. I tried Amazon Fresh this week for the first time and loved it. I typically order from Peapod (Giant) or Instacart (Whole Foods) for grocery delivery. I've had more than six issues with Peapod arriving over an hour late, and scheduling ahead of time is important and sometimes I forget to to that. Instacart is good, but they often make substitutions and it can be pricey. Amazon Fresh was priced well, delivered exactly when they said they would, and everything was packaged nicely in reusable totes I return to them next time I get a delivery. The lower delivery rate (what amounts to $4 a week) is easier to swallow too even though you pay it all up front. To me, time is money. I will spend money to save time. If you want to try it, they do a 30 day trial.

9. Don't forget! Tomorrow is the Seasonal Goals linkup with me & Sara from Journey of Doing.
Life According to Steph

10. E-card of the week:

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  1. #1 - Yep. All of it. Regarding what you had to say about discussions on social media, I'm with you. I saw a discussion go back and forth between two Americans living in Texas about Australia crime & gun laws. I started to craft an (what I believe to be) informed response. Only to delete and stop reading. I just couldn't. Because, like you, I'm tired. Not only do I see experts on guns, the constitution, religion, sexuality, crime, politics, and more...I get to see Australians thinking they are experts on American culture, and Americans thinking they are experts on Australian law. Calgon, take me away.

    I'm sorry you missed Dolly. "Sorry" doesn't cut it, but you are a good dog mama, and that deserves respect.

  2. As someone living in the UK, I just can't get my head around the shooting incidents in the US. It's just so sad every time.
    Sorry to hear about Mae being unwell and having to miss Dolly. Hope she's on the mend!

  3. Ugh, can't believe you weren't able to see Dolly, that is such a bummer :(! Hope Mae is 100% better!

    I haven't tried any of those food services, you have me intrigued!

  4. I have so many Thursday thoughts. I'm with you 100% on number 1... and when I sit down and say what I need to say.... lmao. Burn. It. Down. As for the dogs, I'll hire them to cuddle me.

  5. I am also so tired of the finger pointing and blame game. Can we first mourn and then take action? Put the anger towards action instead of at each other. It's so sad!

    Also, I hope Mae is okay!

    And finally, Lin-Manuel Miranda said it best, "Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, it cannot be killed or swept aside."

  6. Why is it that after every mass shooting the senate gets all up in arms and tries to do something, then it dies down and all is forgotten just a week later with no solutions. The fact that people on terror and watch lists are able to purchase guns still is absolutely ridiculous and it just makes sense to pass a damn bill about it already. They aren't taking the guns away from everyone. Vet bills are my least favorite thing, up there with car repair bills. So expensive!! And I gave up on the HomeGoods TJ Maxx game a long time ago with their class items. I soak every one of them in hot water with soap for a little while and the sticker comes right off and I win. Damn them.

  7. I really hope that enough people are communicating with their senators today to get this to the finish line. IMO, there are so many other things that should happen, but I feel like this is just common sense. I'm glad you were on twitter last night too - I couldn't get enough.

  8. I can't speak about Orlando because my head and heart too much right now to even process it all. It's all too much. I even took a social media break (was going to be longer but I ended up getting a new hospice foster dog and need our FB group to discuss) Cooking oil helps get the price stickers off. I do 99% of my grocery shopping at ShopRite and use ShopRite From Home. Order online and you can get it delivered or pick it up. (I use Morrell for pick up.) You can use coupons and digital coupons from their site. They charge you $10 for shopping but there are always codes to pay for the shopping fee.

  9. Continued lights and Angels and love to this planet. Mother Goddess is coming on stronger. Mae could be a dog model !
    Last day for this school year watching Lola everyday. She's a gift ! Every day watching her grow has been awesome. She's so happy here all the time. Beautiful inside and out. The best will keep on coming with all of my chickens and grandchickens. #oneluckymommom ! Thanks to the universe for the much needed rain! Love. Your. Momma

  10. Marshalls does the same exact thing with price tags on their stuff- especially mugs and glassware. Drives me nuts.

    Hope Mae is feeling better- I'm sorry you missed Dolly! That'd be a real bummer!! I think I pretty much agree with you on all your other topics, too :)

  11. I literally have no words for the Orlando attack. It's a 2nd home to us, and a friend of ours used to date one of the victims, so that was tough to read. I donated blood, and almost posted about it online, but then thought it was the least I could do, so not even telling anyone to get "credit", if that makes sense. It's all so heartbreaking. I'm extremely mad, and just sad over it. On the optimistic side, I did wait two hours to donate blood, and that shows people are kind in the world - we just don't see it because of crazy, radical, mental people. P.S. I hate when Home Goods leaves stickers in obvious places.

  12. I dont get all the crazy hatred & stupidity & the need to feel like everyone has to argue when something horrible & tragic happens. Sometimes you can see the down side of the internet & the way people feel like their opinion MUST be heard. Calm down people... just give some respect to the families that lost loved ones.

    AHHH - those stickers. WHYYYY is right. Someone needs to come up with a better way.

    I love all the pug head tilts.

    Dang it on missing Dolly!!!!! I'd been upset too. But life has a way of rearranging plans.

  13. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful ally. Being gay in this country is scary, but try being gay in WV. My wife and I went to another state to get married because we didn't want our names in our local paper. Three days after the Orlando attack my wife had to go to the doctor and panicked when they asked her marital status and said single. I mean when you are scared to even tell a doctor you are married to a woman... Don't get me wrong I have many straight allies here. I am lucky. But I still get nervous when one of my friends shows affection in public. Rednecks aren't afraid to say what they want.

    Anyway, thanks again for being a beacon of hope. I love seeing your pups and I hope Mae gets better soon.

    1. Oh, Hope. You absolutely ALWAYS have an ally in me...and in many people I know. I'm horrified that people who are just living their lives loving who they love have to live in fear.

  14. Lol at the Homegoods stickers... they are the worst with that shit! Ooooh.. I need to check out Amazon fresh, every once in awhile it would really help to have the food just delivered to my door!

  15. I knew your post regarding the tragedy in Orlando would reflect exactly what I'm feeling. Thank you. The filibuster is probably the first time I've had much faith in elected officials in a long time. Oregon and Washington are blue states and all of the senators are Dems, but I was still very happy to see their names among those supporting the filibuster.

    Seeing all the comments that say, "Don't politicize it!" piss me off. First and foremost, I am grieving. I cried watching coverage on Sunday. I cried when the names were released and I could see their pictures, learn their ages and their jobs or hobbies. My brother is gay, and when I found out he was gay, literally nothing changed about my feelings towards him. It's not something I had to process. He's the exact same person. So I don't understand how people feel like they're any different. But anyway, my brother, who is gay, who owns a handgun (and may have a concealed carry permit), who wanted to be a cop for the longest time...has been extremely vocal about how this country desperately needs gun control.

  16. A huge YES to #1. This has to stop now. And you're absolutely right - enough lip service. It's time to take action. Otherwise, we'll be having this same conversation again and again. I'm so tired of having it.

    Sorry to hear about Mae. Hope she is feeling better. It's so hard when our fur babies get sick. You're a good Mama to Mae!

  17. Amen on #1. All those photos just make me sad. I'm making John go to pride with me this weekend. He was all 'I don't want guys to hit on me' and I was all 'well you think very highly of yourself thinking they'll even want to SETTLE DOWN YOU'RE GOING' (and also welcome to how every girl feels in regular bars and every where else all the fucking time) and that's that. We're going. Because it's fun. And because terrorists won't win.

    I hope Mae feels better soon. Expensive little nuggets.

  18. Could not agree with you more on #1, just YES to all of that! And poor Mae, sorry she wasn't feeling well and her appointment ran late. Boo to missing the concert, but hope she's feeling better <3

  19. So sorry about all of the vet bills! I can relate last week with an unexpected trip. Never fun! Hope they're all doing ok (and if you figure out how to get them to make money, will you please let me know?? haha).
    I agree with you on the filibuster! Finally some action!!
    I had no idea Amazon delivered groceries!!

  20. Such a lovely tribute. Innocent people are innocent people. It's as plain as "hate is hate" no matter who it's directed at.

    That's rough about missing the concert. Dogs...

    Checking out Amazon fresh. I'm dreading today's grocery trip because yesterday was pay day.

  21. I loved the visual of the victims - I took the time to look at each and every person on there and send up a warm thought . . . such sadness. Hope Mae is okay . . . it hurts your heart when a furry friend is sick. And I do love Dolly Parton . . . that voice is amazing! Sorry you missed it!

  22. Amen on #1. My heart hurts when I see the coverage. Good luck with Miss Mae. Sorry you missed Dolly.

  23. In regards to no. 1; I am so tired of hate. I cannot fathom how people think or feel it is okay to look down on someone for their sexual orientation, religion, what they decide to wear, and so on. One of my best friends is gay and I absolutely love her and I support her fully. No one else should be able to choose who you love. Thank you for sharing the photos of the victims -- we need to talk about them and their lives, not make famous the life of the shooter.

  24. #1 SO HARD. Perfectly said. I run the gamut of emotions during tragedies like this; I of course feel sadness but then the rage pours in. Rage for the inaction, rage for the ignoramuses I see on Facebook toting their anti-Obama (cause this is HIS fault, somehow?), pro-gun (OH SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY), close-minded nonsense. I went on a de-friending/unfollowing spree yesterday because I'm DONE. I'm so grateful for that filibuster and I swear, if we don't see some kind of change soon...

    Oh, and on a less important but still insanely frustrating note- I CANNOT HANDLE PRICE STICKERS ON THINGS. It was in one of my rants. COMPLETELY MORONIC!

  25. Home Goods, Marshall's and Ross...I have a serious problem with those sticky price tags. Such a pain in the ass. I was just using nail polish remover earlier today to get the tag and sticky residue away, Ugh!

  26. I still can't talk about Orlando without tearing up. I just can't have any rational discussions with anybody about it because I get so emotional when other people are emotional. I am grateful though that the majority of the people that I surround myself in my life are also just brokenhearted and sick over how much hate is in the world.
    I hope that Mae is feeling better.
    Today I am living the glamorous life of a washerwoman. That's what happens when you don't do laundry for an entire weekend!

  27. I was thinking of trying instacart but maybe I'll give Amazon Fresh a try. I like grocery shopping when I have time (I pretend it's my cardio...) but the summer traveling and lack of motivation, generally, makes grocery delivery extremely appealing.

  28. that ecard is the shit. i agree with everything you said in #1. i had to get off facebook for a bit because i am 'friends' with some of KC's extended family who have very different views and opinions about things (and are honestly ridiculously stupid idiots when it comes to those things) and i wanted to yell at them, but what would that have helped? i hope people take this off social media and actually do something about it. while i totally agree with what you said about it being political, i wish people would stop focusing on the killer or the sexual orientation of the victims and start focusing on a way to make sure this doesn't happen ever again. i don't understand hate, i really don't. i cannot imagine hating someone for something that has nothing to do with me. i hate when people put stickers on mugs (or picture frames ughhh) and i hate when my pets take all my money (hope Mae is okay!) and I would have hated to miss Dolly (OMG NO i was relying on you to go so i could feel like i was there, sigh) and I hate other stupid shit but I don't hate people for who they choose to marry or who they have sex with. unless they want to have sex with me, i will care about it then, but it really has nothing to do with my life. i don't get it. i'm not ignoring it, i stand with them and behind everything they deserve, i am not ambivalent about it at all, i just don't understand the other extreme. how can you understand such idiotic hatred.
    sorry for rambling. as always, your words make me vomit words in agreement when all i should have said is 'yup. well said!' lol.


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