Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Pass me some of that patriotism

1. And a hotdog, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and soft serve ice cream, too. There. Now you know my weekend menu. I will also be trotting out all of my red, white, and blue lounge attire.

2. SCOTUS decision week, in which they delivered the most significant abortion rights decision in many years. The Court ruled in favor of Whole Women's Health, declaring HB-2 (which passed in 2013 despite Wendy Davis' towering filibuster, closing nearly half of the 41 clinics in Texas) unconstitutional. This means abortion remains legal in theory AND in practice. Not just in theory, which is what HB-2 sought to do. I think a lot of people think the right to choose is iron clad. It's not. It's been eaten away at in the 40 some years since Roe. Pay attention. If vaginas shot bullets this wouldn't be an issue.
3. Do you know how much laundry you have to catch up on when your dryer has been broken? A lot. Most of my spare time this week has been devoted to that.

4. I think we all want to be understood in certain scenarios. It's important to know the difference between that and living a life designed to gain the approval of others, which is a different type of understanding. That, you really don't need. If you are happy, self sufficient, and not a danger to yourself or others, it's okay to live the life you want even if no one gets have to be fierce with yourself and listen to your gut. At the end of the day, your voice is the one that matters.

5. I love these words on why one should write in The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. I finished that last night. The next Show Us Your Books is July 13. No new episode of the Armchair Librarians this week, Jana and I will catch you next week when we'll be discussing The Nest.

6. I often get quizzed on my iced coffee making method. You can find that post here. I just got these new bags thanks to a tip from Mare. Probably the easiest I've worked with to date.
7. Dinner with the lovely sisters Melissa & Stephanie 1 and Alex at Villa di Roma on Tuesday night. The food was so good. I ate so many carbs that I was still full Wednesday morning.
8. Got fresh for the weekend. Toes are OPI Big Apple Red for America's birthday.
9. E-card of the week.

10. I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend celebrating America's birthday. If you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink. Also, leave the fireworks to the pros. Jill is here tomorrow giving you her sunless tanner insider info, so I'll see you back here Tuesday for TWTW. Catch me on Instagram this weekend, and catch Jill there too because we will be rendezvousing at some point.  

Toodles, yankee doodles.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on it's okay to live a life that others don't understand. Honestly, sometimes my life DOES confuse me.. I live in China, teach students from all over the world, and don't know when I'll settle down.
    SO BASICALLY I don't need judgement, since clearly I judge myself. haha. #rambleblog

  2. Yes to all of the yummy 4th of July food! I'm excited for it all too!
    I agree, if vajayjay's shot bullets, we'd be able to do whatever we wanted with our bodies--what a concept!
    And a big old YES to number 4. I've learned to let the drama from certain people in my life go and realize that no matter what I say/do it won't change their opinion of me. And you know what? I could care less. I have too much GOOD stuff going on in my life to worry about the opinion of someone who has nothing going on in their life so they fill it with hate and judgements. I'm living my life for me--not for anyone else, and my opinion and those of who I love and appreciate are the opinions I'm most concerned about.

  3. If vagina shot bullets.... i so laughed at that.
    that ecard is spot on
    gotta chrck out your coffee methods, for sure

  4. Awesome post. I Instagramed the SCOTUS ruling. If vaginas shot bullets. Spot on. I will be painting patriotic toes soon. God bless America ! Goddess speed to peace everywhere. Loved this entire post. Love you to infinity and beyond. Your. Momma !

  5. I am so looking forward to potato salad and wearing my patriot skull tank top. I'm actually taking K to the beach to see the fireworks this year since I think she's finally old enough I won't loose her in the dark.

  6. I love the 4th, it's up there on the favorite holidays list, probably right after Halloween and just before New Years. (are those the 3 heaviest drinking holidays?) Your toes are fab, I think I'll do the same thing. Is your new dryer fully installed now?

  7. That quote is so perfect & I really needed that right now. Have a great 4th! Enjoy those hot dogs, corn on the cob, & fireworks!

  8. Hehe, I like the pug patriotism! I also like all your quotes and words of encouragement sprinkled throughout this. And I muttered a quiet "AMEN" to "If vaginas shot bullet this wouldn't be an issue."

  9. Love me some good iced coffee, so delicious this time of year.

    Preach on not living your life for someone else. There are too many people who waste minutes and hours and days worrying about pleasing everyone, that is no way to live a life and quite draining for friends as well. My life is good and if people don't get it, oh well.

    100% leave the fireworks to the pros!!!! Too many sillies that don't pay attention on the 4th!

  10. Dinner was fabulous on Tuesday! My whole vacation was one GIANT carb - so I should not have to eat for a month!!! It was great seeing you!

  11. LOVE that ecard about fireworks looking more amazing when you're not checking your phone - so much YES! Loving your pedicure color and the Legally Blonde 2 quotes for the win! Bring on all the great food and red, white, and blue this weekend <3

  12. Please say that there will be instagrams of the pups in their red white and blue attire because they look so patriotic and cute! Getting caught up on laundry is never fun, but at least you're getting it done now before the holiday, right?

  13. great post. Love the fun sentiments as well as the serious one. All very true and very dead on. And yes, if we shot out bullets we wouldn't even have this conversation.

    Have a great 4th!!!

  14. Now I want to watch legally blonde! haha and eat all the food you mentioned above! :) Have a great weekend!

  15. I was SO excited to see the HB 2 decision, especially since it was 5-3, so wouldn't have mattered if Scalia disagreed. Don't worry, ridiculous Texas legislators have promised more anti-abortion legislation when session starts in January. HUGE EYEROLL.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  16. I love all your patriotism as we enter into this weekend. I need to try your iced coffee recipe since these summer days are reaching 100 degrees. We use Cafe Bustello coffee to so the hubs will approve.

  17. Enjoy your 4th holiday with family and friends . . . as always, I love your insights into things, both serious and more lighthearted.

  18. Your toenails look fantastic. And I'm learning about number 4 SO HARD right now. But at the end of the day, I'm the one that has to live in my life, you know?

  19. I just picked up Essie Double Breasted Jacket and it's a very similar color. I love it.

    I think *we* all think that no one could ever possibly understand our POVs and sometimes it can be true. I think if more people explained themselves, there'd be more understanding in general.

  20. I made the blog!!!!!! (Aren't those bags the BEST?)

  21. haha i love when i eat so much that i am still full the next morning. that looks delish! love that kate morton quote, i don't consider myself a writer but i do like to apply that to life in general.. doing what makes you happy because it makes you happy, not because someone might like you for it (which is basically how i lived my teenage years lol). i wish my neighbours left the fireworks to the pros, they were still letting them off last night, i was crazy cranky.


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