Monday, August 16, 2021

TWTW - the end of vacation

Friday MFD headed to the shore early for showings and I spent the morning in Philly setting things to right after vacation - doing the shore laundry we didn't get done the week before, putting clothes away, unpacking and re-packing, putting the trash out, all that shit. I also finally mailed two things I've been holding onto for a freaking eternity. I left at 11:30 and traffic was fucking awful so I took the way back roads. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the shore putting stuff away in the apartment, lolling around with a book, and chatting with favorite guests upstairs. 

Saturday We slept in until 8 which was awesome. Departing people left the house virtually spotless, they washed my towels for me and don't use the bedding so that all stayed clean, AND they left gifts. They are great as are the people in this week. I am always very pleased in August. The air outside was trying to take me down so I opted to stay in and read, eat the key lime pie my dad left for me, paint my nails (doing the most with these again using 9th & Maxwell Dahlia, Essie Without Reservations, and OPI Spare Me a French Quarter?), and grab an hour at sunset on the porch where the air was still oppressive. MFD was out fishing in the late afternoon/early evening so it was a nice day.
Sunday We were up and dog walking by 6:30. MFD was out by 7 and I was on the beach reading early. Blowing sand made that palatable for only about two hours. We reconvened at home and celebrated Bruce's 4th birthday with birthday cheeseburgers for all. I took a three hour nap which rarely happens and MFD and the old dogs left for Philly around 7. B&B and I did our nightly walk to the bay and then sat on the porch so Bruce could people watch which is his favorite thing. I finished a book and started another and fell out around midnight.

Back to work today, back to Philly today, in the city Wednesday, all that jazz. 

I'm going to do a Vermont post this week I think, but basically I only opened my computer one time all week and that was fantastic. It is so nice to not be in front of a screen for an extended period and it had been way too long.

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