Sunday, August 8, 2021

TWTW - here, there, and everywhere

Friday Began with Toegate 2021, in which I lifted a big mama heavy outdoor trash can up onto the curb except it went directly into my big toe instead. A bloodbath ensued, I was in a cold sweat and had to lay the fuck down. I worked until 3, my Dad and Carol arrived for the week, and my brother brought the kids down so I hit the beach for two hours with them - Lola is out there killing it in the water! - then we did dinner at the promenade, the rides, mullet examination, ice cream, the arcade, and they left. The remaining adults collapsed on the porch and were asleep by 10.

Saturday I was up around 7:30 and we were in the house by 9 since our guests left the night before to beat the traffic. Dad and Carol were awesome helpers and I was on the road back to Philly by 11:30. I made corn dip and did the most with my nails. We went to MFD’s cousin Col’s house for a nice afternoon with the Doyle crew. It has been a very long time since we’ve seen everyone so it was nice. I was so busy talking I took literally one photo. Home to pack haphazardly, finish a book, and frantically attempt to make reservations at midnight. 

Sunday Up and getting shit moving by 7:30: showering, final packing, changing and washing sheets, to Rite Aid to pick up toe supplies. MFD dropped Gus off and had to do his shit, so I made Crescent rolls with cream cheese and chocolate chips and did a lot of WTF let’s go. If you know MFD, you know. We finally left at noon (planned departure was 10:30a, and hit some traffic and did two stops so arrived in Manchester, VT, at 6. We checked in and took a little walk and were in bed early like the seniors we are. I’m probably going to bring back Shit MFD Says or Shit MFD Does because this MFer was using king size twizzlers to make himself raggedy Andy and other shit on the way up and taking photos and killing himself laughing as I was driving. 

I hate doing blogs on my phone because the photos are off but whatever this week. Quite seriously, whatever. My Out of Office is well fucking on. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! Check back here for that. 

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