Monday, August 30, 2021

TWTW - the last one in August

Friday I stayed in Philly to work and at lunch made breakfast burritos to freeze and after work power breakfast muffins to freeze & give away. I packed up and headed out to the shore with Bruce, Ben, and Mae by about 8 and was up until midnight reading. 
Saturday I slept in until 8:30, did the walking and the feeding of the dogs, cleaned up outside, turnover shit, made daily shower spray refills for upstairs, and MFD arrived around noon to do his stuff. The rest of the afternoon was a washout so I read and painted my nails (OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster and Essie Juicy Details), chatted with my neighbors, made a dozen hard boiled eggs in the air fryer, and sat with the animals. When the rain let up MFD and I walked down to the beach then sat on a bench on the boards people watching. We watched the Bob Ross documentary when we got back. Fuck those Bob Ross grifter people. 
Sunday I thought was going to be fine but a band of rain stayed stationary over Ocean City and we got pounded while other shore points were sunny. We flooded as bad as I've seen it yet this summer. The first photo is our corner and the second photo is from the apartment porch. So it was a reading and lounging and actually a TV watching day. We watched the first four episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers and all of Ted Lasso season one. We really liked both but Ted ugh so fucking perfect this show.
As I have put all over the internet Sunday was Gus's 16th birthday. He enjoyed many meals, a trip to dog beach, and the requisite birthday burger party which everyone attended event though Billy Cat is on a no burger diet. The excitement wore everyone out and we were all in bed by 10. 

Holding good thoughts for all of those in Ida's path. 

Heading into freaking Labor Day weekend already. Let's go.

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