Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Heavy humanity on this Tuesday

It's a heavy Tuesday. Haiti earthquake. Afghan government crumbling as US pulls out after 20 years. Global pandemic still happening as people reject vaccinations and masks. Climate change wreaking havoc everywhere. Crisis in Lebanon.

This bulk of this is straight from my Instagram post, but I wanted to share it here in case you're not on the gram and are also out there sitting with your teeth in your mouth wondering what the hell to do as a regular person. And a place where I can easily edit and add resources as I come across them.

We woke up today in a home where we are comfortable, coffee in hand and all of our creature comforts around us with a knowledge and expectation of safety we have always had and don’t ever think about until it is clear others both in our own country and outside of it do not have that expectation. 

We are white, we have not lived in a war zone or occupied land, nor have we been the ones with the dangerous mission to occupy it. 

You can and should read all the articles and get all the perspectives. 

You don’t need to make a statement on something you don’t know shit about. 

But as a human being, your heart leans toward those who are hurting, whether they are next door or around the globe in a land you will never set foot in. 

The bad thing about humanitarian crises are that they exist. 

The good thing about a humanitarian crisis is there is no side to pick other than the human side. There is only one side. 

If people need help because they are impacted by world events beyond their control, there is only one thing to do: meet people where they are and help in whatever way you can. 

Maybe that is researching to get money, time, and goods to people doing work on the ground helping & and not profiting from the crisis; advocating for refugees in writing or via phone with your government or any groups you are involved in that may be able to help; opening your home if the opportunity arises; sharing vetted resources for aid if you do not have the resources to give right now. It all matters. Be open to the ways you might be able to help.

Governments, military maneuvers, occupations, 20 year wars, they can all feel too big for regular people sitting on couches or at desks on heavy Tuesdays like these - acknowledge and have gratitude for the privilege of safety and do whatever you can to help. 

We spend so much time talking shit about governments but nearly always it is regular people moving mountains to help other regular people. 

There are real people desperate for help. So desperate for safety that they think attaching themselves to the outside of a plane and falling to their death is a better option than what waits for them on the ground. Try to imagine that mindset. The images are fucking gut wrenching. But we cannot pretend this desperation does not exist. We cannot file this under something political and wipe our hands of it. We are all we’ve got and as regular citizens we have more in common with each other than we’d like to admit sometimes. Be a good human. Be a helper in every situation where that is possible. 

May we work together in the pursuit of peace and safety here in our own country and everywhere the world over. I hope the next generation of world builders can address the circumstances that lead to our human downfalls in our communities and around the world. And those of us past that time do our part to help them or at the least to get the fuck out of their way. 

Some resources to help, will be editing and adding when I come across more.

Afghanistan: Afghan Institute of Learning, Women for Women International, some resources gathered by Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. From Instagram the Quentin Quarantino account is coordinating Flyaway: An emergency Afghan rescue mission with a huge goal of getting people on a Taliban Kill List out of the country on two planes as soon as possible. Resources to help Afghan refugees coming to the Philadelphia area

Haiti - Haitians have asked people NOT to donate to the Red Cross based on experiences in previous disasters. Sow a Seed, Hope for Haiti

General humanitarian effort groups I have donated to in the past and trust use the money where it is most needed: Doctors Without Borders, Together Rising (all donations received through Friday are going to urgent relief in Haiti)

Do whatever you can. And take care of yourselves and your neighbors. It is bad enough people are living through these things. Take the time to nourish yourself in all ways so we are strong enough to do what we can from where we are. 

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