Monday, June 28, 2021

TWTW - the late June one

Friday It was the work week from hell and at the end of it I took a long walk, ordered dinner, and read a book pretty much in its entirety, staying up to finish.
Saturday I slept in until 8 then had a typical summer Saturday: turnover hauling 2389429348 bags of bedding laundry to the car, and doing my tasks before and after my cleaning crew came through. The folks leaving were great and I hope they return. I did some cushion cleaning and tried to battle driveway sand and lost as usual. I hit the beach for a few hours to read after that and ordered dinner from Boyar's. MFD and the old dogs arrived around 10 and I finished book two of the weekend.
Sunday I was at the beach by 9 after painting my nails OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana and Spare Me a French Quarter?). I got a bowl for breakfast and it was delicious. MFD joined me around 11 and we stayed until 1:30 then came back to lay around and escape the humidity. I finished my third book of the weekend. We took B and B to Dog Beach to cap off the weekend. I found a fishing knife on our walk which MFD will keep for fishing and of course had to photograph it to document we found it and the date in case it comes up in a future murder investigation. My murder book reading knowledge is put to good use all the time. 

Another busy work week ahead, my Dad & Carol move out of the last parental home I lived in before I lived on my own, and we're already coming into the freaking Fourth. How?

Happy happy birthday to my brother-in-law Marcus Aurelius today. 

How was yours?

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