Monday, June 21, 2021

TWTW - the one with the dads

Friday My brain was stuck in neutral after an 11 hour workday Thursday and two morning meetings, so instead of spinning my wheels I flexed time and hit the beach for two hours. I also got a slice of pizza and some soap oh and left my phone on a fucking boardwalk bench THEN hit two stores THEN set up my beach chair so I had to sprint back with no shoes on and hope it was there. It was.  After work I walked the boards on an errand for Aubrey, then walked down to see the sunset. I stayed up until 1 to finish my book.
Saturday I slept in until 8. The people checking out thought checkout was 11 and that threw everything off. We managed to get them out then MFD painted the door and frame their dog damaged and got the new TV we brought from Philly up and running. I swapped out shower curtains and all bedding and someone clearly had some sort of HiC and I had to pull the whole mattress on the top bunk down. It was a lot. We were doing stuff from about 10:40 - 3 since our people coming in were arriving late. I'm thankful we knew that or I would have had a nervous breakdown.
MFD went fishing in the afternoon, and I went to Boyar's to get a few things for a salad and smiled at the Juneteenth greetings along the way, then  rode my bike to the library to drop off and pick up books. I made chicken leg quarters in the air fryer, painted my nails, showered, unboxed Ben's barkbox (he is always so happy and grateful), then walked up to the beach and boards with MFD for a little ice cream. 
Sunday I was on the beach with a book and coffee by 8:30. The sun was insane. Back to the house to walk dogs and load up the car and hit the road before 11. Gus pooped in my damn car but thankfully we were not moving yet so easy cleanup and major disaster averted. I got home and did some laundry, read, rested, made your standard old school cold taco dip, and headed to Aubrey's parents. We have a nice Father's Day gathering with the two families every year and I always enjoy it. This year we tried the TikTok watermelon and mustard phenomenon. It was fine! Home by 8 and I fell asleep on the couch and didn't go upstairs until 5 am. 

Happy 65th to my Mom! Her birthday was Saturday. I dropped cards for her birthday and Rich's Father's Day off at lunch today before hightailing it home for a call.

Today is Prime Day, and even as I move away from Amazon, I always recommend the Kindle Paperwhite for people like me who must wear polarized sunglasses and/or read outside a lot both in sun and shade. It is the only e-reader I can use like that. It's $80 for prime day and normally $130.

Crushed under work deadlines this week. Hopefully see you Thursday! See you on Instagram until then, mainly in stories, which I like to remind myself and others that I said I'd never do and now I do daily.

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