Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The five best energy boosters for fitness

When you need a booster to get you off your backside and finally workout, you need the best food and drink specifically for this purpose. That means, food that is easily digestible, drinks that will sit well in your stomach and possibly supplements that will be short and sharp. There is a multitude of options, some of them that have been around forever and some of them that have taken the fitness world by storm recently. Let’s see how each of these five could help you.


Good old caffeine, it works every time. This has been a key ingredient in many energy drinks because it gives your body a quick boost of energy and is usually quite clean. Caffeine is known to heighten your alertness, so it's not just that you’ll want to run further and workout longer, but you’ll be more cognitively aware of your coordination. It also raises your heart rate, which is the key to burning fat. 


Oats have always been a fantastic source of energy. These slow-digesting carbs have been found in the knapsacks of uncovered Roman soldiers. Oats are cheap and they can be stored anywhere. The iron in the oats will help to transport oxygen to your muscles. Oats also have an abundance of vitamin B, which helps the body to convert food into energy. A small bowl of oatmeal can be eaten 30-minutes to 1-hour of a workout and you’ll have energy all the way through. It's a favorite of professional athletes for a reason. 

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Chain amino acids

Look for supplements that have chain amino acids like the Charged-AF. You can try it out for almost nothing, as each sample is a few dollars. Pour the supplement into water and blend it. The amino acids will help your body to make more glycogen which is the energy source your muscles use.  


Chocolate bars are a cheap way to give you an energy boost before your workouts. Sugar will be the main ingredient that gives you that boost, but cocoa is also valuable. It will reduce inflammation which is why runners eat dark chocolate before an event. Chocolate also tastes great, so it will give you a mental boost in satisfaction. If you have trouble getting out of bed to workout, knowing you have a chocolate bar waiting for you if you do, is a great motivator.



Eggs have always been a brilliant way to boost your energy. Most of all, eggs do it cleanly. The white has plenty of healthy protein and the yolk has fats which your body will burn quickly, as they are easily digestible. The yolk also contains many vitamins (A, D, E & K), omega-3 and minerals to help your muscles and bones grow strong.

These 5 energy-boosting foods and drinks have ingredients that have stood the test of time. Anybody can afford a bag of oats, most of us can tolerate a small cup of coffee and who doesn’t want a chocolate bar before a workout?


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