Monday, June 7, 2021

TWTW - the extra long one

Wednesday after work we hit the boards for dinner at Opa, go carts, some arcade games, and a nice night. I worked when we got back. MFD picked up Jared who flew up from FL as a surprise for my brother's birthday.
Thursday I was supposed to be off, but had a meeting in the afternoon so I ended up thinking about that before it and after it and come on. It was a nice beach day when I wasn't thinking it would be. We did apps for dinner and Aubrey, Stephen, and Jared took the kids to the boards while me, Dad, and Carol stayed home and Dad dressed up like Stephen and we were roaring laughing. MFD was back and forth to Philly for work. 
Friday My brother's birthday! National Donut Day! I picked up a nice dozen from Nauti Donuts and we did some heavy sampling. Aubrey's parents came down for the day and the ladies did some Asbury Ave. shopping, then we hit the beach. Aubrey made a big spaghetti dinner and a cake for Stephen and we sang multiple times. Boardwalk was out as it down poured for over an hour. 
The sun shower was cool though viewed from the porch, as was the resulting rainbow and sunset. 
Saturday was an amazing beach day. We were down by 10 and stayed down until 4. Jared and his brother were a huge help in the beach wheelchair, fetching and moving, and kid entertainment game. 
The driveway BBQ was not as smoky as the Great Smokefest of Labor Day 2020. Dad manned the grill and we had salads and hotdogs and hamburgers. MFD caught a big striper Tuesday and he did some of that on the grill and in the air fryer. The guys went up to the boards except for Dad and we stayed back and watched Raya and some dragon thing. MFD, Jared, and I took Baby Stephen, Bruce, and Ben to the bay for the sunset, then sat on the porch for a while. It was a lovely day and night.

Sunday I made Mimi's bacon breakfast muffins. Justin took off early to go the Sixers game and the rest of us headed to the beach while MFD went elsewhere to fish. We got Jared an uber to the AC airport, wolfed down some food, emptied the house, and Dad and Carol headed home while the rest of us headed to the boardwalk for some last rides. It was crowded as hell. Stephen, Aub, and the kids left and I slunk onto the couch like a shell of myself LOL. I painted my nails and toes, started a new book that I cannot even recall right now, and fell out. 

Happy happy birthday to my brother on Friday, and to my BFF Kim on Saturday. 

It was a great long stretch of time together and I'm glad we got to do it thanks to the beach wheelchair and the people who pushed it on the actual beach. 

Show Us Your Books tomorrow! See you here for that!

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