Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - I believe it's time for me to fly

Hanging shit wherever I want, as I always do. My house is not going to be in magazines and it's not for show. It's for me to live in and enjoy. I had this in one of the spare rooms for probably the past 10 years and it makes me so happy but I rarely saw it in there so I jammed it in right here in our bedroom.

Choosing art by Asja Boros for bedside in our room. I have one in the  middle of the gallery wall too.

Accepting MFD's desire for more precise hanging on the gallery wall that was painted this week. It's not done and we'll be swapping some things out, but I'm happy to not have shit sitting in piles to be hung anymore.
Focusing on putting covers on the risers next, so we intentionally did not have the trim painted. I desire a little whimsy on these and that's what I got. 

Thinking a lot of people have this twisted, and we were taught this so that we fight each other and punch down or sideways in a capitalist system instead of punching up. Hard work is great but it is not what makes you a good or bad person. Too many people beating their chest with the I work hard for what I have that are shitty neighbors and humans. No thanks. I'd rather live among people who are good neighbors and community members that understand work is the price of capitalism and not the marker of a good person and that people who don't work hard deserve at the least basic humanitarian needs fulfilled - food, housing, healthcare including mental healthcare. There is a better way than what we're doing now, what we've been doing for a long time in this country.

Using Mad Hippie face serums and loving them.

Wanting everyone to get vaccinated for reasons like this

Appreciating the fact that Gus can spend so much of his time in his declining years snoozing in the yard, which is one of his favorites and always has been.

Hanging on for dear life this week. I worked until 9:30 Monday night, 8:30 Tuesday night, 7:00 last night. Started early today, will make a stop to drive to the shore, and be back at it. Deadlines are afoot. Putting in these hours is a lot harder for me after March 2020. My brain, focus, and capacity have shifted. 

Phoning it in on every other front aside from work this week, including here. That's how it is sometimes. 

Booking a hotel for the first time since 2017? I think it's been that long since I stayed in a hotel type accommodation vs booking a private home or visiting someone at their home. I'm looking forward to road tripping out of town with MFD in August to visit a place neither of us has been before. 

Reading The Invisible Husband of Frick Island. I had two (to me) turds this week. If you ever want to see what I'm reading in between Show Us Your Books, you can follow me on Goodreads. Midway through the year I've finished 67 books so it appears that my pre-pandemic reading has returned. I read differently though, consuming books in a few hours here or there versus morning and night reading like I used to. I still do a little of both but still not with pre-pandemic consistency.

What's new with you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Time for Me To Fly by REO Speedwagon

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