Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Work from home flowus interruptus

I don't always work on a deadline, but when I do, something goes south. 

Today it was the battery for my laptop. The piece that plugs into the computer looked like it melted today. No problem, I thought. Let me see what's left. 58 minutes left on the battery, but at least two hours of work until something was finalized. 


I called a few local places. Nothing. Staples does not keep them in stores. Best Buy, win, ONE left in the store, curbside pickup within an hour and the store was a half hour away. I raced there, hoping I had chosen the correct battery.

My freaking order wouldn't pull up. My stomach was churning. The dork working curbside called me love twice and I didn't even reply with feminist backlash, that's how distraught I was. If you've been here for a minute you know I don't let that shit lay like the turd on the rug it is under normal circumstances. I drove home at warp speed, praying as a non-prayer that this worked while running down what I'd do if it didn't so I could still meet this deadline.

Since I am calmly re-telling this at the end of the day, you might guess it worked. Why I doubted it would is one of those mystery of life things. I mean, I can read and I know what I pressed purchase on. Off to decompress from the adrenaline leaving my body and school MFD on the best fitness water bottle - he keeps taking the super small ones fishing and wondering why he is running out of water.  

Thank you for coming to my could have been a catastrophe but wasn't story. What's for dinner?
Salad and possibly fish sticks here. 

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