Saturday, June 20, 2020

5 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Special

Gift-shopping for those you love can be a very stressful time for some people — but it doesn’t have to be. You simply need to think about the type of gifts they want, need, or have expressed an interest in already in their everyday lives. Take the time to think about their normal routine and what they could most benefit from, while also thinking about how you can go the extra mile if you’re willing to splash out a little bit more! Always consider your budget when shopping for gifts, and remember that it isn’t the price tag that makes the gift special, but the thought itself.

1.    Experience Days

Gifts don’t always have to be a physical item that an individual can unwrap. Sometimes, experiences and memories can be the most treasured gifts. Looking into experience days can be an exciting time, both for the gift receiver and the gift giver, if you can tag along! These experiences can be something simple, such as afternoon tea, or they can be more adrenaline-fueled, like a rally car experience or a hot air balloon ride. The possibilities are endless!

2.    Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is a very safe choice when it comes to a gift, and that’s because it’s very popular. Most people really love to wear jewelry, and especially a more special item that was presented as a gift. Customized jewelry can make the experience even more special. It could be a specific engraving, or it could be a monogrammed piece with the individual’s name, even just the first letter of their name is a special touch. This makes the item truly unique to them and shows extra thought and care.

3.    Vaping Subscription Box

This is a great idea for someone in your life who is either thinking of switching to vaping, or who already vapes. A vape monthly subscription box is a great gift idea because it’s one that can be more regular and ongoing to fulfill their needs. Subscriptions boxes are great ways to keep vaping supplies topped up and delivered straight to your door, without the need to go out shopping for them. It can also be a great idea as a starter kit and regular supplies for those who have never vaped before but who have shown interest in starting.

4.    Personalized Items

There’s pretty much nothing you can’t get personalized these days, so it’s just a question of what would be the best fit! Think about the likes and interests of the person involved. If they’re always enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, then maybe a personalized mug would be the ideal gift. If they never go anywhere without a bag, perhaps a personalized shopper would be the gift they’d most appreciate. Or even everyday items like a personalized coaster, bookmark, tea towel, or more!

5.    Kitchen Goodies

If the special someone in your life is a foodie who spends most of their time in the kitchen, then they are never going to turn away a kitchen-related gift. Whether it’s a new chopping board, an expert set of kitchen knives, or maybe even a quirky contraption for their cooking needs, there are many great kitchen items you can consider.


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