Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - After a while you can recognize the signs so if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time

1. Scenes from Monday night. When MFD is here I am more likely to hit the beach for a few hours. I dug that shell out of the sand at Corson's Inlet at low tide and it is in perfect condition. I also saw a ton of baby hermit crabs meandering around, and MFD had Moby Dick on his line and lost it. I watched two duck friends sail off into the sunset then hauled ass back to the car because the bugs were awful.

2.  People who use web based collage makers for photos, what do you use aside from PicMonkey or Canva? I don't like collage in the new PicMonkey and am looking for an alternative. I rely heavily on collage functionality for blog and also for work. It has to be quick, easy, accessible, and easy to move photos around in the collage itself and also within each frame. Suggestions please!

3. Last week in Dog Town Mae and Ben got into a scrap and Mae lost a big ass tooth. Yesterday I found another small one. Monday Bruce stepped in poop and tracked it on every couch cushion as well as the quilt, an ottoman, a small rug, and the windowsill because he was getting yelled at and also because he's afraid of poop. Is it possible for us to go one week without a major poop incident? Oh and Tuesday he knocked the trashcan off the counter to access it, ate a bag of cherries which can be poisonous to dogs in large amounts or cause an intestinal blockage, and has been shitting a parade of cherry pits ever since. 
When MFD and the old dogs go home, the routine for me and the best friend dogs is I work until 5 or 6 then we go to Dog Beach between 6:30 and 7. Ben has been running with the big dogs this week and barking his fool head off. 
4. This week's nails are boring (Zoya AJ). The real excitement of the week is waiting for my feet to peel. Oh and after mentioning in yesterday's post that I have searched in vain for rubbing alcohol for months, finding it this morning. Shower spray coming back! This is where we are now, in regards to exciting things. 
5. Thanks to all who joined us for Show Us Your Books. I hope you got to read through all the posts. I started Brit Bennett's newest last night.

6. Your president's first planned rally since March 2 is taking place in Tulsa, OK, on June 19. This sentence could also be your president's first klanned rally since March 2 is taking place in the city where white people burned Black Wall Street to the ground 99 years ago, destroying 35 city blocks in the fire, killing 300 people, and injuring 800 others in an act of racial violence to destroy an affluent Black community seen as a threat to white wealth; on Juneteenth, an actual holiday that marks the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy (Texas). They were not the last remaining slaves to be freed though because the Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to border states that remained in the Union. The last slaves were not freed until the Proclamation of the Thirteenth Amendment. TL, DR: your president is putting out his racist dog whistles, people in your life or you yourself are excusing it, and most of us need to go back and learn what we were not taught because a shit ton of misinformation of who had which freedoms and opportunities when in this country. A whole lot of people are not connecting the dots of hundreds of years of slavery to Jim Crow to segregation to redlining to mass incarceration and it is willful, gross ignorance. The information is out there. There are so many books and there is also google. Keeping yourself ignorant so the racist tropes of they're just lazy/work for it like I do/don't commit crimes then/etc can survive is perpetuating racism. Make your choice. 

7. That slavery to mass incarceration graphic above was put out by Ben & Jerry's. This pint below is brought to you by a great sale at ACME. I ate half for lunch yesterday and I have no regrets. 
8. Can you believe it's already mid-June?

9. Reminder:

10. E-cards...

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Get it Right Next Time by Gerry Rafferty 

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