Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - all for freedom and for pleasure nothing ever lasts forever

1. Have you ever seen Night of the Comet? I've asked a bunch of people that this week and no one has, which I get because it was a terrible 80s movie and just not palatable especially if you hate anything remotely scary movie-wise like I do. ANYWAY Night of the Comet is what being in the city on Tuesday felt like. Surreal. Anyone who has ever taken 16th Street to the Vine out of Philly during rush hour in regular times, you will know how eerie the lower right photo is. I made it to the shore in an hour, jamming to a top 100 of the 80s countdown. I stopped at the fishing pier on the way into town just to stand by the water for a minute. 
2. I took care of a lot of things when I was in Philly Saturday night to Tuesday but it was a relief to be back here at the shore where my life is now. Although I can't see this when I leave to go on my errands down here. 

3. I'd like to publicly apologize to myself for the 100+ quarantine days I went without doing the Olaplex Treatment #3. It was sitting in my closet unused the whole time. My hair could have been so less bales of straw-like. Speaking of, my hair appointment is booked for July 29! I'm pumped. 

4. In other taming of the shrew news, I got a pedicure last night and it was freaking amazing. The only thing different were the plexiglass shields everywhere and me wearing a mask. The woman at the salon near our house at the shore always wears one. I get my nails done like twice a year and last night I got them done too since they needed to be painted anyway and I wanted to zone out after a wild day and give them some business since they've been closed for so long. I inadvertently made it like Christmas with OPI Dutch Tulips on my toes and I don't know what on my nails, some no name brand of electric booger green? Slime green? Something different and it'll be on less than a week. 
5. My aunt and cousin are renting upstairs this week so I hung out with them on the porch last night and that was nice. Today is my cousin's birthday - she's the youngest grandchild at 7 and I am the oldest at 43. 

6. Ever since BarkBox came out, I was like no, I will not get that. Then I got a dog that loved toys so much, and truly spent hours playing with them, and I was spending a lot monthly anyway as he destroyed them, and fine now we get BarkBox. In other dogs news, I met my dog nephew Harry when I was back in Philly Monday and how freaking cute is he? You can follow Harry on Instagram. Then I just had to add in Bruce in the pink princess bed - he misses that when he's at the shore - and the old dogs snuggling.  Other dog things: considering Modern Mystery School and other training techniques for Ben and his unique yet piercing bark at every freaking dog tag that jingles by on the sidewalk; did a curbside pick up of Gus's CBD oil that has kept him alive extra long and was invited to learn more which I am always into. I got some CBD cream for myself and will report back. 
7. If you are crying over statues of colonizers and slavery defenders coming down and insisting if we don't leave them up we will forget our history, have you thought about how illogical and stupid that sounds? If you are a statue humper so vested in knowing and having access to the history of this country, have you read the Slave Narratives? They're free documents for all Americans to read in the Library of Congress. First hand accounts. All the information is literally out there if you stop spending more time defending the right for statues of enslavers to exist than you spend defending the right of black people to exist in this world the same way white people do and just read it. Also please provide an explanation for why most of these statues were erected in the 50s and 60s - Jim Crow era - and how we knew our history before that? Anyone going hard to keep Columbus statues erect, especially in Philly like was he even there? let me know if you need links to things to read about colonizing rapist murderers in lieu of looking at statues of them. 
8. There's super hard pushback right now from a lot of 50+ white people online - I'm a good person, I don't see color I treat everyone the same I work hard for what I have so should everyone else I am sick of the hate the people causing the problem are the people who keep talking about racism. Bro, take several seats. First of all, every one of those statements and beliefs has been ingrained in you ON PURPOSE to make you complicit in the systems of oppression so when uprisings happen YOU are there to prop up whiteness above all else - to refuse to see anything outside of your life, to want things to just settle down and stop so you can go back to living and black people can remain less than. It's time to open your eyes and look past your yard and acting like you've had it the worst. If you think everyone had the same opportunity and access, got the same education, has been treated the same in stores and restaurants and on the streets, was given the same benefit of the doubt, started from the same places, and been afforded equal protection under the law, I'm sure you will have no problem switching places with black people in this country. Right? Let me know. We're going to start with them swapping neighborhoods with you because they were redlined out of your neighborhoods, which of course means your kids will go to their schools, which are not funded the same. I'm sure you'll be happy to swap since you think just not talking about systemic racism and inequality means it does not exist. Start packing up your houses! Time is ticking. We have 400+ years of switching places to do.

9. Reminder and applicable to every facet of life 

10., I don't even feel like throwing fish sticks into the air fryer and assembling a salad

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

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