Monday, June 29, 2020

TWTW - last one in June

Friday MFD and the old dogs headed back to Philly early. I had morning calls and work was popping but I escaped at lunch to pick up freaking library books curbside and I was so happy.  I did a fun plate lunch and had a Ben lap dog. I read and changed my recurring monthly donations. 
We spent the evening on the porch and trolling around creeping on other people's flowers, catching a watercolor sunset back at the bay. It was a long walk and we all slept like the dead.
Saturday Unexpected rain showers in the morning had me making shower spray since I located hydrogen peroxide, then having coffee on the porch with the best friends. I hit the beach for an hour and a half, had to tell a group who plunked down too close to move. I got takeout lunch from Farmstand at 14th which was delicious. Verbal altercation with a maskhole there (I did not coin this term, first heard it from Ali, but have seen it numerous places this weekend and it fits - wear the fucking mask when interacting with people working, people!). I also got into it with a lady who let her two dogs approach mine without asking and dropped the leash, causing a major situation on a busy road. Since I was 0 for 3 with peopley things, I retreated to the porch to the afternoon and finished a book. I had the totally underrated fish sticks and salad for dinner, then another long bayside walk with flower creeping. Not much of a sunset but you can't win 'em all. 
Sunday I swear there was literally no air to be had on the island in the morning. After dog walk duties, I went to the grocery store, then did some food prep for once (chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, rice, chopped kale salad), cleaned and organized the apartment including moving furniture and mopping (small space living is totally for me), more dog walking, and general lounging because it was hot AF. I can't read Hood Feminism as a library book, I need to highlight and write in it, so I found it on bookshop at 11:30 pm Saturday and bought it via Harriett's Bookshop, then started back up with the Will Trent series. 
MFD and the old dogs rolled back into town around 6:30. After a walk we headed to the North End for him to fish and me to read. It's relaxation station down there and the sunsets are nice. We were back around 9, ate, dog walks, and fell out around midnight. 

Happy birthday to Kim's Steve Friday, my brother in law Mark Sunday, and my cousin Courtney today. 

Easy weekend and outdoor showers daily. And a four day week since Friday is the observation of the Fourth. My kind of life. 

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