Monday, June 8, 2020

TWTW - cleverly titled the first one in June

Friday Work work work followed by a Zoom work happy hour at 5. MFD's nieces and nephews and sister Mindy were down so we had pizza and salad and the kids hung out with the dogs for a while. I think I was dead asleep by 10:30. 

Saturday MFD headed back to Philly early to volunteer and work. I started the day slow, did a few chores and walking errands - picked up touch up paint - then we hit the beach. It was hot but a nice day. The trash pandas spread trash all over the apartment when I returned. They loved having the kids around to play with and pay attention to them. Mindy ordered a seafood feast then her and I contact papered the bane of my existence white wall. I walked dogs and read and MFD got back around 11. 
Sunday Porch to kick off the day, then when the kids and my SIL hit the beach MFD and I started doing house work inside and out. Maureen came to pick up her kids and cleaned out a cabinet for me. We worked through the afternoon, I made dinner (veggie was salad but I already scarfed that), which I feel like I haven't done in a while? 
Around 6:30 we were running out of steam so we took off to the North End for a few hours of peace. Such a privilege to do so. I was doing touch up paint in all rooms from 10-11 pm and MFD was painting trim on the main floor after that. I was not amused at the late work but the hours of peace were worth it. Love the BLM support around this town. There was a Unity paddle out for Black Lives Matter in the surfer community last night too.

Happy birthday today to my little pal Alex. Friday was my BFF Kim's birthday along with  my SUYB co-host and long time friend from college Jana. Show Us Your Books is tomorrow, see you back here for that. 

The exhaustion is real. It's well past time to make it right so everyone can have the same relative expectation of the possibility of peace every day, don't you think? Food for thought, if you've never thought about what the impact of what dealing with racism might look like daily.

How was your weekend?

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