Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Well there is magic all around you, if I do say so myself

Stop telling women what to do. Stop telling women how to be, what to wear, what they can do and when. Stop telling women not to express rage or displeasure. Stop telling women to be nice regardless of how other people are to them or others around them. Stop telling women to appear sexy, fit, youthful, and strong, but not to dare BE those things during Super Bowl halftime. Stop telling women to grin and bare the world’s ceaseless bullshit. Stop policing women for the smallest shit while the world burns around us. This has been a hell of a week for backlash against women who act outside of the boxes society has put them in. Maybe for fucking once go get the men running around acting a fool including the president who is completely unprofessional and disrespectful to the core. Turn your pitchforks on men or shove them up your ass, I don’t care, but stop coming for women. Trae Crowder, never stop. As for where I fall on the paper rip, I’m with Trae. I would have these elected officials doing more to stand against bold lies and half truths, Fox News cult manipulation, racism, misogyny, tax breaks that favor the very richest, a Senate majority leader not bringing any damn bills up to vote but packing the judiciary with judges and so much more. Yet even progressives want to shit on Nancy Pelosi for ripping up a piece of paper, calling for decorum and of course for us to go high. What are we trying to be polite about here? Do you think ripping a fucking piece of shit speech is on par with the lows of a man in charge who lies, cheats, steals, bullies, is horrible to gold Star families and shits on a decorated POW, mocks disabled reporters, calls neo-Nazis very fine people, talks about grabbing women by the pussy. He is elected and supported despite those things. He is impeached, Congress admits he has done the impeachable things but says he’ll act better now so they’re leaving him in to further rot the office of the presidency. Meanwhile the planet continues to burn. People calling on Nancy to “act better” and saying both are embarrassing leaders as if they are equal on any plane of existence? Fucking please. We are so far beyond civility here. And shut up about that being a public document that belongs to the people. Come see me when elected officials stop pissing all over the Constitution, another public document that belongs to the people, and when you have a president that doesn't direct the National Archives to blur out images depicting women protesting him. Those unedited images belong to the people of this country too.

Planning spring house projects at the shore and in Philly. I'm waiting for a bunch of quotes to come back on the shore house as eagerly as I’m waiting for the return of green to the world.

Wondering how you make your PB&J. I add peanut butter to both sides, then jelly to both sides. You?

Buying nothing aside from necessities, but some of them are coming due. I'm waiting on shampoo and conditioner, soap, lotion, and dog stuff to arrive. Anything I was using that was not cruelty-free was replaced with cruelty-free items. There are way too many beauty companies still testing on animals.

Listening to Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks, which accounts for the lyrics after Thursday Thoughts.

Forgetting to write in the one line a day book I got at  Christmas for much of January. Hoping for better this month. 

Busting my ass at work lately. 

Noting everyone who voted to acquit a president who they also admit is guilty. We will not forget.

Loving having another weekend without a ton of plans on the horizon.

Reading sparingly this week. I didn't read at all Sunday or Monday and only a bit Tuesday. That's unusual for me. I've been wiped out and my brain is on a break. I am into the latest Alex Delaware novel courtesy of Netgalley right now. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday!

Skipping American Dirt for a lot of reasons, but this article nails it. Thanks to my friend Heather for sharing.
Painting my nails tonight. Last night was my company's annual bowling event so they always need it after that. 

Reminding you

Laughing because it's not exactly true - I have to call it out first

Linking up with Kristen

a president that doesn’t direct the National Archives to blur out direct the National Archives to blur out

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