Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February 2020 Recommendations

1. Moving your mail icon off of your home screen on your phone. Mine is on the bottom bar always taunting me. The last two weekends I moved the icon to the third page on my phone and it has been awesome. I had a deadline this weekend so I had to check in on Sunday but still great. Do it.

2. Qtica Extending Top Coat. I like this more than Seche Vite, which I have used for years. 

3.  Olive Garden dressing. I hate the Olive Garden as a dining experience but I would drink this. My salad intake is way up.

4. Ask for samples. I only buy beauty products from places that allow for returns, but I'd rather have a sample 100% of the time. Half of a sample is all it took for me to know this product much loved by many was not for me. More individual packaging but less waste than throwing a large container out when it's returned. You can't get samples of everything, but you'll never know until you contact the company and ask. 
5. Rechargeable flameless candle lighter. I love this. Affiliate link. Less waste than junky plastic lighters or matches.

What are you recommending this month?

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