Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Three Things February 2020

Three things I like about January
1. There's a lot of time to read and rest
2. Not many things on the calendar
3. Freezer and pantry clean out happens

Three things I like about February
1. 50% off candy on 2/15
2. We're close to re-opening the shore house and I dream of spring projects and plans  
3. It's the last full month of winter and it's short

Three vegetables I eat the most
Depends on the time of year but in general
1. Cucumbers
2. Broccoli
3.  Cauliflower or bell peppers 

Three grocery items I buy every week
1. A vegetable that's on sale
2. A fruit that's on sale
3. "Snacks" which is how MFD replies when I ask him what he needs or wants from the store - this can be cookies, chips, combos, fruit roll ups...eye roll

Three things we go through like crazy in my house
1. Dog treats
2. Coffee
3. Kerry Gold butter

Three things I always have time for
1. Reading
2. Coffee
3. Lipstick

Three things I never have time for
1. Bullshit
2. Lateness
3. Chipped nails.

Now you.

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