Monday, May 6, 2019

TWTW - the one with the spring block party

Friday Lori and her friends were down and had the dogs occupied most of the day while I worked. They got me these socks on an outing and I freaking love them. The other side says "give no fucks." Take no shit and give no fucks is like two big facets of my personality represented on one pair of socks. I have never loved socks more. Lori's friends also gave me cash and a set of dishtowels hand embroidered even though I said no rent for the weekend. Their generosity is much appreciated and as a bonus they were a lot of fun to be around! 
I hit the beach right after work, which is like an immediate mindset change from the work week. I love working at the shore on Fridays for that. I hung out with the ladies and read at night. Debbie arrived at 11:30 and Bruce was so ecstatic to see her he did not calm down until after midnight. 

Saturday Block Party day! The spring block party stretches from 5th to 14th on Asbury Avenue and we are well positioned to see all the action. We fueled up with pretzels and iced tea early then strolled along. I got tie dye pants from the Tie Dye Man, which was my only must purchase. I also got some soaps, a t-shirt, and an outdoor sign for the porch. The dogs got stuff from Treat Lady and so did I because she's generous as hell. I finally had Chef Charlie's barbecue which was excellent. We went back to the house for some porch time then took Bruce & Bender for the last block. Ben got carried and Bruce ate everything people dropped on the ground. He was in heaven. 
A chilly stroll on the boards after that. I ran down to Manco & Manco to see Marla of Luck Fupus fame (follow her on IG too - May is Lupus Awareness Month and she brings the info) while the ladies were shopping. Dinner at Angelo's after then more hanging out until I could not stay awake and went downstairs. Bruce is a sleep killer. 

Rainy day but so much better for it to rain the day you're heading home rather than the day you plan to be out and about all day. I cleaned up the apartment and the ladies cleaned up upstairs, and we had breakfast at Yianni's before we all went our separate ways. It was a great weekend! I enjoyed my time with them, loved being with Lori as always, and am happy to have spent time with Debbie again so soon after Easter. 
Bruce was so tired from all the good boy walks Lori and the ladies took him on that he slept the whole way home. Praise the lort. I got home close to 2:30 and MFD was painting our bedroom (SW Dishy Coral) and I cooked, did four loads of laundry, hung with Gussie and Mae who were home with MFD this weekend, and read before watching Game of Thrones and sleeping on the couch. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is greek yogurt with granola. Lunch is chicken thighs over veggies. Snacks are pineapple, celery with PB, and bananas. Sunday dinner was chicken enchilada pasta with veggies. I made triple the enchilada sauce and froze two thirds. Tacos are also on the menu for this week. 

Keep a good thought that our slow drain/gurling plumbing issue at the shore is able to be handled by our plumber today on the lower end of the cost spectrum. Old houses, man. 

My weekend was great. How was yours?

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