Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - there's a room where the light won't find you

1. MFD has started watching The Great American Hero and I feel like moving. Few people are more annoying than this guy. Send help.

2. Tuesday night I went to University City to get a facial and eye treatment add on at Jean Madeline Aveda Institute. Prices are super cheap, services were great (all services provided by supervised students), and when you go there you are helping students get the hours they need to put in in order to take their tests and pass their exams. I left relaxed and am definitely going to return. So it's like help someone out and also treat yo'self and as the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things. In addition to facials, they offer back treatments, body treatments, makeup application, waxing, and hair (cut, color, style, updo, braid, rollers, etc etc). They're a block from the 40th Street el stop and it could not have been easier to get there and back from Center City. A list of services can be found by clicking here, and you can call 267.350.8800 to book in University City. Their hours are limited to weeknights in a certain time range so hop to it. While these are students they are also working in lieu of working an hourly job so TIPPING IS REQUIRED. Not by them, but by me.

3. When I was around that way I got to see a mural I've not seen before. Street art, another favorite thing. I saw a smaller version of one of the love letters for you series in the train station too.
4. I might be an outlier on this book, finished it last night and meh. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday!
5. I'm out here killing it on socks between the ones I was gifted Friday that say take no shit/give no fucks and these.
6. In typical me fashion, I have no plans to do something until I get a wild hair up my ass and then I go at warp speed. This time it was our bedroom. It was painted and it's bright AF and happy and I love it. In every room of my house, it's like color threw up. I am not a greige person. Living in color is sort of my thing. The side tables and shelves got painted cream, curtains were picked up last night, the 13 year old ottoman that is basically a scratched up mess from 13 years of dogs on it is getting replaced with a long cream colored one, and I'm shopping the rest of my house for wall stuff and a chair. While the colors were inspired by the summer bedding, the winter quilt Lori made us fits with it too so I'm quite pleased.
7. Happy birthday to my step dad today!

8. Things that have pissed me off this week: people arguing against plastic bag bans as a LIBERAL idea (like what, you want to protect your right to make more trash? this is fucking absurd); the dictator in chief invoking executive privilege over demands for the release of the full Mueller report, fighting subpoenas from congressional investigations, and blocking Mueller and McGahn from testifying before Congress; heartbeat bills and every fucking person who was all "women's rights are fine" before this fucking 2016 election that was a complete debacle in all ways and allowed idiot old white men to stack the courts at every level against the autonomy of women; everything about that toad William Barr; people thinking trump is some business genius playing the tariff game with China while he's lost so much fucking money personally over the past 10 years; people thinking prayers are going to stop school shootings. Fuck off out of here, everyone above.

9. Reminder: Mmm hmm.

10. Ecards.

I split the week of Father’s Day at the shore and have Friday night to Sunday night of Father’s Day weekend available if you know anyone looking. June 14-16. Sleeps 11, $500 for the weekend and you can find the listing here

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

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