Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May 2019 Recommendations

1. Birkenstock Gizeh EVA Sandals (affiliate link). Super comfortable. I can walk all day in these. I have a high arch and they provide good support. I have them in a few colors and I wear the hell out of them.
2. Tea Tree Oil foot soak (affiliate link). It is bare feet season, after all. This smells and feels good and my feet feel great after.

3. Magic erasers to clean your filthy oven glass. Just mine is filthy? I know I'm not alone here. This one comes via Lucy, Carol's best friend, and it works.

4. Seventh Generation Dish Liquid. I made this switch last year after spending a while thinking it could never be as good as the harsher stuff. That was incorrect. It's better. Smells good too, all scents. I am big on soap scents.

5. Plan for Plastic Free July. Choose to refuse all single use plastic in July, or pick just one thing now you want to focus on and prepare and plan to commit to participation. Last year I gave up single use coffee cups and haven't looked back. What unnecessarily wasteful habit can you kick to the curb?
6. Allow all the feelings. Thanks to Lori for sharing this one! The world is in a place where we see people are calling for sun to shine out of everyone's ass all the time. Positive vibes only! I call bullshit. We are human and we have all the feelings. If you push the negative ones down you'll give yourself a stroke. You're allowed sadness and grief and rage and fear and everything that is ugly and messy and human. The trick is to try not to live in those negative places and not to harm yourself or others in them. Accept that you have negative feelings, give yourself time to process, then move on. Pretending negative shit doesn't exist is not living in the real world.

What are you recommending this month?

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